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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vintage Daisy

From the first time I saw Shay's blog with it's treasure trove of vintage patterns I was fascinated by the Pattern for a 3D Daisy that she showed. The pattern is by Mrs W.M. Odum and was written in 1929 and I have never seen anything quite like it.

Quite a few tatters tried it out, so it could be done! but it wasn't until I saw
Elizabeth's version that I had to try it.

Oh my that is so beautiful, absolutley perfect. What a skilled tatter she is. Adding the beads makes such a difference.

This is my first attempt, partly to work out how much thread it took before I use my precious threads...tho' I don't think this will be suited to HDT variagateds, and partly to see if I could work out how Elizabeth managed to get her petals that go into the centre and out again without the chains crossing over each other at the top.
Tried as many methods as I could think of but wasn't happy. Wally did her petals as rings but no way could I work out how to do that.

In desperation I asked Elizabeth how she did it and she very kindly told me and posted it also on her blog comments.

I was already part way through my second attempt and since her method involved switching shuttles I didn't have enough thread wound on so did a lot of shoe lace tricking which added bulk to the last round and didn't look as good as it should.

I tend to be pulling my chains too tightly making the flower even firmer than it should be so tried to relax my tension a bit.
My third attempt not quite as perfect as Elizabeth's but I am more or less happy with it.

Wally used two colours, that might be nice to do and maybe smaller ones with less rounds would look good, or maybe smaller threads would make the beads stand out more... but this takes quite a long time to tat and I need to move on to other things that I just HAVE to tat!

A lot of you admired the vibrant colour of my orange flower, probably a bit exaggerated in brightening the scan! BUT I thought you would like to see the inspiration for my colour very favorite Hibiscus flower caught with the evening sun shinning in through the window. We have lots of hibiscus's to remind us of tropical days when you could pick a fresh flower every day to wear behind your ear. the flower will keep its turgidity and last for a day as it does on the plant.

Wouldn't that just brighten your day?


  1. It's so nice to see how your tatting of this project evolved and how you were able to assess what needed to be changed to make the motif just as beautiful as your third one is.

    Congratulations - it looks wonderful!

  2. They all look lovely. I have learned something from watching everyone tat this daisy.

  3. Hi Pam, I love all of your flowers even the ones you are not happy with. I will have to try tatting this myself sometime. It is so pretty. Love your choices of color too. YOU are a wonderful and talented tatter and friend. And my tatting buddy Fergus Og says hi to you. He is sitting right next to me.

  4. All three daisies are beautiful, but the orange one is my favorite! Thanks for posting all three. It's nice to see how your work progressed.

  5. Very Pretty!! All three flowers are fantastic. I love the vibrant color of the vibrant orange one.

  6. They are all very pretty, but the one is perfect! You are right, they do take a long time. I also agree that they won't suit variegated thread. Unless - I thought of using a solid color for the petals on top of the variegated. We'll see.

  7. Thanks for your comments especially about the colours. have just added a photo to the blog of my inspiration.

    By including the first 2 attempts I wanted to show beginners that even when you have been tatting for decades you don't always get it right first time, but you have to persevere till you have mastered it

  8. I love your results. I was using 2 shuttles myself so didn't notice the crossing over. I'm seriously wanting to put this daisy on something!
    :-) Gina

  9. This is awesome Pamela. My name is SY and I'm new to tatting and doing this pattern is one of my goals. I love the colors that you chose for all three. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

  10. Hi SY, thanks for your comment. This pattern is quite a challenge to be aiming at, so go practice, practice, practice.
    There are enough wonderful patterns out there to keep you busy for life...go and enjoy.


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