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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Academia and nonsense!

This post will be my first cross blog one! The academia bit will be on my other blog and the nonsense will be here!
Maybe I should call it even more nonsense!
So if you like to mosey along to my other blog here have a cup of tea over there then come back to me and we can continue!

Unless of course things non tatting related are of no interest, in which case give me a miss today.

Still invigilating exams...half way through them.

No tatting to show today, tho' I am working on 2 doileys at the same time, one to practice and the second in my new HDT.

Only managed to get a few rings and chains made every day, during a coffee break or at 8 o' clock in the morning before the exams start. We all agree that all the things that we plan to do when we get home get forgotten as we fall asleep watching TV!

Exam invigilating is slightly, very slightly reminiscent of watching paint dry!! In order to prevent total degeneration of my brain cells some sort of demanding brain stimulation must be done while still remaining vigilant.

This might be a survey of the percentage of left and right handers, or trying to spot a student doing an exam who is older than I am!! After 37 years this of course gets more demanding every year..but the academic system is so good nowadays that there is nearly always someone who never had the chance to study when they were young or a retired professor doing something that has always fascinating them.
Celtic Civilisation and the History of Art are always popular as is Law.

Working among students and with a mix of other invigilators, old friends and stimulating young research students gives me such a buzz and keeps me young that is why I still do this each year.

This years mental exercize was to think of all the real Irish boys names that could be given to a leprechaun and was amazed at how many I found, 42 so far that should keep me going.

I showed them to my leprechaun and asked him to pick which one he wanted but he wanted them all...typical leprechaun. He has settled for Fionn for today but I expect he will change his mind!

After my last blog post William the leprechaun from Pennsylvania checked in on Carol's blog he seems to be having a great time. I was so pleased to see that there is someone who is a daft as I am! Long live daftness!!

Fionn was fascinated to hear that William had checked in and that that name was taken and he popped over to take a look.

So this is Fionn looking at William looking at....well you get the idea!

He was very taken with the pattern that William is looking at and soon demanded to know why we hadn't got that book especially at it was by 'cuz' Mark!

All in good time Fionn, we will and that angel does look fab perhaps William is going to tat one!

Angels and leprechauns is that a good pairing? or what.
Donnacha hasn't shown himself yet but I know he is surrounded by angels.

To end, it's Hi to everyone from Fionn.
Promise I will be back to sense next week...well maybe!

Oh, sorry to say that my website has suffered from terminal illness and the server that it was hosted on is now no more. So it's off to find another host.


  1. Thanks to Fionn for a fabulously entertaining post...even if it had not tatting in it...LOL

  2. Hi Fionn!

    Long live daftness indeed!

    Love every bit!

  3. Pamela, Hi, it's me again, TattingChic. I know I like to comment. The real reason I'm here is to let you know that I updated my latest post about the scrunchie and there is now a link to the pattern if you would like to see it. I'm only telling you because you had asked about it. Hope you and Fionn are still keeping out of mischief and if not are having a lot of fun getting into mischief!

  4. Thanks for your comments and the info about the scrunchy.
    Another day, another lot of exams, got my exersize up and down the stairs taking students to the bathroom, reckoned I climbed 700 steps!!

    But hey did any of you go and look at my other blog and did you enjoy it????????????

  5. Your leprechauns are always fun to read about. What a shame about the website after all your hard work making it so nice

  6. Hello to Fionn. What a lovely Irish name. This really made me laugh and who doesn't need that? Number 1 fan of daftness!

  7. Hi Pamela & Fionn,

    Waving Hi from this side of the world. I see you wathcing me watching you!

    What doilies are you working on?

    CelticCivilisation sounds interesting! Your job at the university sounds stimulating!

  8. The website will be back..sometime or other. Tho' it didn't get a lot of visitors not like the blog does but it should serve its function in its permanence...or so I thought.....

    Carol...doileys coming soon.
    Lots of visiting american students come to do Celtic civ, one of my mates teaches the course.


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