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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Aw Shucks!

It seems that my cross blogging post just didn't work. Out of the hundreds of visitors to this blog only a handful crossed over to the other one.

That's such a pity as I put some lovely photos on there that I thought you might like to see. Totally nontatting related so I didn't want them to clog up this blog.

Maybe I didn't advertise it enough soooh do go over there and check out a bit of my world, yes that's click here or even here and do please leave a comment.

Fionn is so happy with all the greetings he has been getting, he is pestering me to get on with making more like him. You should be so lucky!!


  1. I did go over there to the other blog...and I thought it was a lovely campus, lovely architecture and rich in history. I just didn't comment on it...cuz....I don't know....I just didn't, but I did look. Well, I think the world would be a better place with more of Fionn's line cousins around. Don't you think California needs one? hinty hint hint

  2. I agree with tattingchic that Fionn's family needs to expand and see the world. If you are out of "Fionn" production, maybe you could share the pattern with willing foster parents!

  3. I talked it over with Fionn and he says he's making a list (and checking it twice!).

    He says that if I send out the pattern then they wont be 'true' IRISH leprechauns but facsimilies (long words he can tell he is educated can't you!) and that part of the Lep induction training is to kiss the Blarney Stone and they have all done that.

  4. Yippee! I hope one of Fionn's cousins will be Immigrating to Alabama. Think of the things his Scotch/Irish/French/Cherokee adopted mother could show him! Besides, I need brushing up on my Gaelic and I bet he'd be the Leprechaun to do it!

  5. tattycat you'll just have to keep 'in' with Fionn! but he says his Irish is a bit rusty (but he's very modest!).
    He is dying to come to Alabama himself! but I need him here to be the list keeper!

  6. Well, the Irish are known for their modesty. I completely understand!

  7. I am part Irish...does that count for anything?

  8. Sherry...seems that everybody is part Irish...except me!

  9. Hello! What a beautiful country. I am going to visit one day, oh yes, I will. By the way, your HDTs are to die for!

  10. OOOOOOO Steph, I'd better stop dyeing.....I don't want to be responsible for your demise!!!!!

    Thanks for the compliment tho'.
    Don;t tell me you are part Irish do tell me

  11. Pamela, I have only checked the tatted ring today, as I don't always have the time (it takes me ages to visit all the sites!) and so I only just saw your link. The university looks beautiful, I am studying with the OU (having been expelled from school at 16) because I was suffering pangs of jealousy when my daughters went to University. I loved visiting the island as well, what a beautiful place.
    (Am I Irish? I don't think so, though of course being British it's always hard to be sure! I think I am 1/4 welsh (the David part, also Eirlys, Snowdrop, hence Snowy, but the rest is just the usual melange...)
    Actually if I ever came to Ireland I always thought it might be wisest to let them think I was French, long-time allies, rather than from the enemy lands! lol.


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