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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fatherly Cooperation!

It's Fathers Day today in Ireland and our daughter made him a card.
We had never seen this photograph before tho' remember the occasion well.

This was taken on her wedding day almost two years ago.

My friend had made a bobbin lace horseshoe for her for good luck, but her luck was running out when she suddenly discovered that she no longer had it. She was standing on the Japanese bridge at the hotel having photographs taken when the horseshoe parted company from it's ribbon and slipped unnoticed between the wooden slats of the bridge and into the large lily pod beneath.

Someone spotted it and ran for something to fish it out with...the hotel provided a snooker cue but before the grooms brother had his chance the fathers took over!

They joined forces and while her dad just managed to reach it, his dad hung on to him for dear life.

What a fab' photo captured just at the moment of possession.

She wrote on the card

'To dad, Cos with you by my side my luck will never run out...'

Lets hope her luck lasts for a long, long time.

Maybe now is the time to tell you that we are hoping they will make us grandparents in October, fingers are tightly crossed. First grandchild for both sets of parents.

I have seen the first scan......looks a bit like a baby gecko to me!!!
But then baby geckos are gorgeous!


  1. Congratulations! We're expecting our 4th grandchild in September. They're so much fun! I'm the cuddling grandma... I have dibs on the newborn stage. Pretty selfish of me, huh?

    I love the photo! I believe there's nothing a dad won't do for his daughter on her wedding day. I'm glad he didn't fall in!

  2. Thanks Dianne, I am soooh excited. New born stage is pretty scary, it's been a long time since I had one.

    That was such a funny event on the wedding day.

  3. What a wonderful photo and a wonderful time and sentiment to send it to her dad for Father's Day. Congratulations on the 1st grandchild. There is nothing to compare. You all know my Isaac has us all wrapped up! You'll have so much fun!

  4. What an adorable photo! That is absolutely frame-able! What a cute story, too. Happy Father's day to the men in your life! Congratulations!!!

  5. It's a wonderful photo! So ...uh...would I be right to guess that we are going to see more tatted baby booties from you?

  6. MORE tatted booties, now lets not get carried away!!!

  7. What a great picture -- to go with a wonderful memory. Glad to hear about the upcoming grandbaby! Babies are so much fun...when you're gramma (or great aunt).

  8. Congratulations Grandma Pamela!! What wonderful news!! Thanks for sharing the memory and the photo! So glad they were able to retrieve the tatted horseshoe.


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