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Saturday, June 07, 2008

My lucky's arrived.

Remember my telling you about my lucky of the things was that I had won the March Draw in Gina's 5th anniversary of her blog celebrations.

Well at the end of May a box arrived, after a couple of hours of shaking it and admiring it I knew I was going to HAVE to open it...anticipation only lasts so long!!

I tried to take the items out one by one to make this unchristmas stocking last as long as possible. There were so many things in wonder it took her so long..she had kept telling me "It will be coming.......soon" and I kept telling her not to worry that I knew that miracles take a little longer!

First out was this lovely little purse, a roosting place for the flamingos she knows I love to find them at the very end of this link

It has a lovely flamingo button and a tatted fastener and the cord is Romanian point lace...what a clever lass she is.

Inside the bag was another bag and inside that a shuttle decorated by Gina with flamingos on it. My first hand decorated shuttle too.

I know that she had such a lot of trouble trying to find a flamingo to put on it and finally found them on a cellophane bag! and boy were they trouble to apply and varnish, looks lovely tho.

Along with the shuttle was a striver (my first) with a flamingo bead on the end.
I soon found a use for it on the end of my Milwards Hook to stop it getting lost.

Gina said that the bead came from Vons. Now I met Gina in 2006 when we went to Chicago and we have been great friends ever since. She took me to Vons and I have to say that it was one of the greatest bead shops I have ever been in.....a veritable Aladdin's cave. But it has one other huge thing to recommend it.... a second hand bookshop built into it!! that had hubby so engrossed that he had no idea how long we spent agonising over which beads to buy...he thought we had been so fast!! Every bead shop should be like that!

Gina had also made another pouch with flamingo material..she was not too happy with this but sent it anyway as who else would like a flamingo pouch!!! Good job cos I love it!

Next out was a divine amulet bag in flamingo colours. I have long wanted to make one of those as they have fascinated me. I have the pattern so no excuse now.

Even more tatting left in the box, the lovely bookmark that she showed on her blog.
I would love to make one, the tail she made is so clever.

Finally an Irish Angel with green beads and sparkly thread, first angel anyone has ever sent me.

There were lots more goodies in the box including a Workbasket magazine to add to my collection from Carol Laweki,thread samples,Hugo's magic tape to stop my ball unrolling all over the floor,but mustn't bore you, BUT I have to show you this fabric she sent, she was going to make a bag but the reptiles were a bit too big.

Isn't that just fantastic, DH named every one of the reptiles!! Now what am I going to make with it...answers on a postcard please!!!

Gina thank you so much you certainly made my day...well my year actually.


  1. Nice lot of stuff Gina sent you! As for the fabric -- since your DH has named all the reptiles, you'll have to make him a shirt. :)

  2. Great idea Marty but not enough material...thank goodness!!

  3. WOw, Gina spoiled you with all those lovely gifts. I think she appreciates your friendship. I like all the flamingos. Lucky you to receive all those lovely things from Gina. How nice!

  4. Hi Pamela, Wow, it was like Christmas in June! What a lucky lady you are and what a super lady Gina is for doing this Anniversary Raffle. All your goodies are wonderful! The Flamingo shuttle is so neat! Very nice bookmark too, I like the tatted cord. More Workbaskets for your collection, yea!

  5. What beautiful gifts. I love that amulet bag. Gina really knows how to make a person's day!

  6. You must so enjoyed yourself opening your gift! It seems sort of a never ending story in the most positive way! It is always nice to hear and see people enjoy such wonderful gifts!

  7. Wow! I don't know what to say except lucky, happy you!!! All of those flamingos (which happen to be a favorite of mine as well)! I have a flamingo cookie jar and salt and pepper shakers. What a good friend Gina is to you.


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