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Friday, July 18, 2008

Apple Blossom HDT and Doileys

I am working my way through Iris Neibach's book of Tatted Doileys, inspired by Diane and Steph.
I started with Beatrice as that looked to be the easiest. made it first in Flora 20.

Next came Eleanor also in Flora thread. This one is a little more tricky.

Now to make them both in my own hand dyed thread.

Here is Beatrice in Apple Blossom batch 1 in size 20. The thread is Coats Mercer, a top quality 6 cord thread.

The doiley took almost exactly one 50yd skein, I had just enough left (about a yard!) to tat a butterfly. It was touch and go at the end and a bit of shoe lace tricking had to be done. I do tat tightly so I am not sure if you would use more thread. It measures 8in in diameter. Eleanor measures less than 7in.

My Apple Blossom thread disappeared like hot cakes before they have time to cool down, so did Coral Reef, thank you for you interest and confidence. Can't wait to see what you make with it.

I have now dyed batch 2 of Apple Blossom, this time in size 40 as well as 20. There will also be sets of 3 solid colours in each size.

This Apple tree set it's blossom slightly later that my first one and its blossom is slightly richer in colour! Impossible to show you the true colour, the doiley and the thread do look the same! The hearts in the photo show you the difference in the size of the thread. Sorry that they are blurred as the camera focused on the thread!
Here they are in a scan.

I have a list of everyone who said they would like some of my thread and am working my way through it. Anyone who wants some and is not on my list please contact me at tatskool at

Life is getting in the way at the moment so Coral Reef restocking may take a short while.


  1. Iris' designs are all beautiful. I like the version that you tat with your own HDT best.

  2. I agree with Jon... although all three are beautiful, your HDT is really a standout!

  3. Thanks, I love the doileys in classic
    plain colours and am also dying to do them again in white! but when I do them in a HDT it's just amazing.

    Doileys really suit HDT.

    Then of course I want to do them again but with with a plain colour for the chains. It's all one big challenge. Especially good when others are doing them too.

  4. 50 yds? mmm My peach thread is only 40 yds long, so that wouldn't really be I am agonising over whether to risk it.

    I am always really impressed by your tatting, and your speed!
    I do think these doilies work well in the HDT.

  5. Snowy,40 yards would def not be enough but would be fine to do all the rings, then use another colour for the chains. If I can be of any further help please email me.

  6. I believe everything you do gets better each time you do it! The doilies are very pretty,especially the Apple Blossom and the threads are yummy1

  7. Stunning job on both the doilies and the HDT!

  8. Oh, your threads are so beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the apple blossom thread. It's so lovely. You've been busy! Look at all those doilies!

  9. I'm not sure what happened with the blogger comment system, but I tried to post a comment a few days ago and for some reason it must have gotten lost. What I wanted to tell you was how lovely your threads were and that your doilies are very nice!


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