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Thursday, July 31, 2008

More doileys.

Finished my second Eleanora from Iris Neibach's Tatted Doilies.

This time in a much much lighter version of my Coral Reef HDT. The turquoise green is much less green and altogether more subdued. This is so different from Coral Reef that I think maybe it deserves a name of it's own so I shall call it 'Blue Lagoon' if that name hasn't already been used.

Kind of looks like a peaceful lagoon. I think it suits the pattern.

The thread is Coats Mercer 20 and the doiley measures 7 inches. I think it took about 24 yds on shuttle 1 and 17.5 yds on shuttle 2, about 41.5yds in total. This is just to give you an idea if the amount needed, you may need more as I am a very tight tatter.

There are a few tricky important shuttle changes in this one. A fair bit of untatting took place 'till I got the hang of the pattern.

Whenever I tat a complex visual pattern I like to print out a diagram or a pale picture of the whole doiley. First I number the rings until I have covered the sequence and then I colour in the rings and the chains as I tat them, this saves me getting lost. Often I use different colours for the rings and chains and this gives me an idea of how it would look if I used different threads.

For this doiley I coloured the two shuttles threads differently and after my trial tat it became much more obvious what I was doing and this second attempt was then relatively easy.

Now I want to repeat it using different colours in the 2 shuttles and have dyed a darker green from Apple Blossom to give me more contrast. Hope it will look nice.

Meanwhile I have started my next one from Iris's book...Cornelia.
These doileys have me entranced. They are so different from previous encounters with doileys.

I don't normally post pictures of part finished items but this may take a long time and be of interest to others tatting the same pattern.

The thread is Flora 20 in lavender and in variegated very pale lemon and white.

Am finding this pattern pretty straight forward, nowhere near as hard as it looked. Estimate of thread needed for the rings is approx 50 yds, so it may be touch and go with a 50 skein of HDT, hope it would be enough.
Haven't estimated the chains yet. It will measure about 9inches.


  1. Beautiful! I really like your idea of printing out a copy, numbering it and coloring it in as you go, great idea!

  2. These are all beautiful Pamela! I've not finished my first, and here you are on number three! I like the name Blue Lagoon. It does look very peaceful. Thanks for giving the thread requirements. That helps so much. Printing a diagram helps so much as well. Thanks for the tips and help. I think the Apple Blossom would be beautiful especially with the darker green. I really like Cornelia. The two colors really make it stand out.

  3. I like that, BLue Lagoon, it's perfect! It looks so good I want some ice cream...I realize that's just me...craving ice cream, right now, anything makes me want ice cream...LOL! Regardless of all this nonsense, they're both beautiful.

  4. Blue Lagoon does look very peaceful! I love your choice of colors for Cornelia... the pattern really stands out!

  5. Thank you so much for working my designs so beautifully,

  6. Thank you all, TattingChic if Blue lagoon reminds you of ice cream that must be good.

    Bonnie I have to do it!!
    I know this slows my tatting but that's a good thing for me as I shouldn't do too much.

    TattyCat I am a fanatic for knowing thread requirements, I have to know!
    Anything I have ever tatted I can tell you how much thread it took. It's automatic with me.

    Diane, I was not at all sure I liked the Cornelia colours at first but they are growing on me, the contrast is super.
    Blue lagoon forced itself on me again today as I was trying to duplicate Coral Reef so I had to give in and dye a batch in 60.It was fate!! It sure is pretty tho.
    Now I will have to make something big with it.

    Iris, praise from the designer is the best one can get.Thank you so much. Your designs are fascinating me the researcher, so I have started Eleanora number 3 and number 4 is already shouting at me, 'try it this way'.

  7. What I love about you beside the HDTs is how you tell us how to tat big projects - measuring the thread requirement, going on a trial basis, drawing diagrams. Keep up the good work. We all love you for this.

  8. Wow Zarina, I am so glad that I am inspiring you to do big projects. It is a miracle that I have inspired myself as I don't usually DO BIG!

    Finished my 3rd Eleanora and over halfway through Cornelia and I am seriously flagging! and I think the trial may end as the final on this one as I have started making way too many mistakes.

    Thanks Tattycat.


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