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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cornelia Doiley

Phew! I finally finished Cornelia, and she turned out to be stunning.

This is my 3rd Doiley from Iris Neibach's book Tatted Doilies and was the easiest.....maybe because I am getting used to her method of tatting into the middle and back out to the edge again. The progression is very straightforward just follow the rings and chains, no tricky bits here. Colouring in my diagram really helps me stay on track tho'.
The colourway that I chose really shows off the pattern of the rings...I didn't expect it to be so dramatic.

I don't often do BIG and have to admit that I found this very tedious after the first excitement of seeing the pattern emerge and couldn't wait to get to the finish and see it finally come together. I am afraid I like continuous excitement in my tatting!! But I do so love these doilies that I guess I will continue with them.

My son is home for his holiday at the moment and he is always interested in what I am doing and always likes his Christmas snowflake but he generally hates me tatting while watching TV. But this time he was fascinated by the progress of this doiley and when it was finally finished he lifted it up and asked

'Is this mine!!'

Darn it yellow is his favorite colour!!!

I am so pleased that he might actually get it! But then I will have to make another one!!

Now for the technical details, the thread was Flora 20 and it took 49m (approx 53yds)on the may need more as I tat tight and 28m (approx 30.5yds) on the ball, again you may need more. Looks like one skein of HDT in size 20 would not be enough...maybe a smaller size thread would do it. I think I will use 40 next.
It measures almost 10 inches.


  1. Wow! I love it! The contrast between the colors is stunning. Purple and yellow together is one of my favorite combos.

  2. Cornelia is beautiful! I can't wait to finish mine! Which one will you do next?

  3. Pamela - the length will most always be the same. Its the size that will be different.

    Note to Zarina - always buy/make a pair of 50-yd skein for doilies.

  4. That is beautiful! I love this pattern!

  5. Wow! This is beautiful. I believe it is my favorite of Iris' that you have done. Lucky Criss!

  6. One of Iris's beautiful patterns, but you also did a lovely job of the tatting and I love the colours.

  7. Thanks everyone, as to the choice of colours I have to admit that this was my practice piece and so I went to my stash and looked to see what colours I had the most of and if they co-ordinated well...and these two won, sad I know but true!!

    Now I don't know what to choose if I do it again as they will have to be seriously nice colours!! and my HDT stash from Marilee and Sherry contains only single skeins of size 20...not enough!

  8. Zarina- I partly agree with you but....
    When I make small items like I usually do, I reckon that the thread amount will be very similar in a smaller thread but....for a big project that small difference can add up to be significant.

    For instance..Eleanora in size 20 took me a total of 41.5 yards but in size 40 took me only 32 yards. So Cornelia rings in a smaller thread might well be achieved from one skein of 50 yards. Maybe, maybe not! Don't take my word for it!

  9. Pamela...did you REALLY put 53 yards on ONE shuttle????

    ...giggle... teasing.

    Lovely doily. I would like to make one of Iris's patterns for ME, though I'm not a doily person and would have to frame it.

    :-) Gina

  10. Hi Gina. I don't know if Pamela put all that thread on one shuttle or not, but I did! No teasing! I used my Tatsy. No ends to hide.

  11. No Gina and Laura, but I would if I could!!! I need to buy a Tatsy.
    I have a very large celluloid and I can get a lot on that and do. I have long fingers so a large shuttle is no problem.

    But for the Cornelia I used my Clover and loaded 12 yds four times and then a bit more for the final run.

    The ends are really easy to hide on this pattern and of course only have to hide the ball end at the very end.

  12. It turned out lovely. I think it's cool and sweet that your son wants the doily!


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