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Friday, January 02, 2009

Two more from my tree.

These two were made several years ago, so maybe it's time for them to shine.

The pattern is by Wally Sosa 2003, called Fluffy Snowflake.

I tatted this in size 10 Flora in yellow and white with fluffy picots. This one measures 4 inches.

The fluffy picots are lovely.

Then in size 20 Flora in red and white with short uncut picots. This measures 3 1/4 inches.

Thread details for you...

Size 10
Round 1, Sh (yellow) 4metres, ball (white) 3/4 metre 1 in/25mm picot gauage (when open).
Round 2. Sh (yellow) 3 metres, ball (White) 5 metres

Size 20,
Round 1. Sh (red) 3 m, ball (white) 3/4m...picots
Round 2. Sh (red) 2m, ball (white) 3.5m

This pattern is well worth revisiting.


  1. These are amazing! I have to try them. Have you ever counted how many snowflakes you have? Not to mention the ones you have given away!

  2. The effects with the fluffy picots makes so much difference. Lovely!

    A curious question - do you stiffen fluffy picots? Or, you don't? I would think that stiffening would remove the fluffiness in them.

  3. Ah! I LOVE Wally's snowflakes! She's a snowflake designing MACHINE, that gal is!!! Nice work! What a lovely collection of snowflakes you have! :)

  4. Thanks Diane,

    Tattycat the big count up starts tomorrow!!!!

    Jon I make sure that the fluffy picots dont get any stiffener on them or they would be ruined.

    Chic, Wally is great, I bet you have a big collection too.. did you get your feather tree yet??

  5. These are beautiful. I wouldn't have thought of "fluffy picots".

  6. Oh! I missed this post! Well, I didn't have net at that time. The snowflakes looks so pretty! It's a pleasure to see someone making my designs.

  7. Glad you saw them Needledreams.

    I do remember showing them to you in 2003 when I first made them and asking you if I could teach them to my friends...who still love that design.


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