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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Teapots will be pouring out!

If you haven't heard about Martha Ess's new book Tea is For Tatting, then you had better hurry on over to her blog to read all about it.

I believe that it is selling as fast as hot tea after a Christmas swim!.

I was so lucky in being asked once again to test tat for her...always a pleasure.

As usual Martha has put soooh much effort into the designs for this book.

My first assignment was to test her Shamrock I wonder why she asked me to do this one...answers by post only written on a bar of plain chocolate!!

Oh my was this a lovely one to tat.
I chose a variegated lemon thread from Flora in size 20 and a rich shamrocky green.

Anybody who has the book if you contact me I can tell you how much thread I used.

Then would you believe she asked me to do another one..oh bliss. It was the Country garden teapot named so aptly by Tattycat.

Martha's sample was tatted in a beautiful array of colourful flowers. Now I always like exactly what Martha has done so I determined that I should do something different this time and so I chose a colour scheme to tone in with my newly updated guest bedroom.

The result was I think stunning.
The threads are varig lemons for the outline and Flora 20 shades, plus varig Altin Basak and the beautiful flower spray is in Yarnplayer's Roses (my first time using this). There is even a teeny little flower in the spout in my very own Raspberry Sorbet.

I was so pleased when Martha decided to tat another teapot in toning colour scheme in purples and put it on the cover of her book. the green outline makes it really look like a country why didn't i think of that!!

Again I can tell you how much thread to use if you contact me.

I wonder if this will be my favorite teapot in my book.

My tatting friends are so much in love with Martha's work that I had to pre-order 5 copies for them way before she finished it, when they had no idea what else was going to be on the book.

We just can't wait!!


  1. I am so eager for this book to arrive! I love tea pots, tea cups and saucers... why not tatted tea pots? Your tatting is lovely as usual! I wonder why Martha asked you to tat shamrocks? Such a mystery... ; )

  2. My copy is coming too- I think we've all been hanging out for this one!
    I love the colours you have chosen for your teapots.

  3. Oh, you test tatted for her. THAT'S how you cranked those out so "fast", LOL!

    Awesome work, again! I love her teapot patterns. They are darling!

  4. Hi Dianne and Maureen, you will love this book.
    Yup Chic I have been sitting on my teapots for weeks, dying to show them.

  5. This book is absolutely fantastic! The shamrock teapot is my favorite of the bunch. You did a stunning job, as usual.

  6. Hi Pamela, I love the colors you chose for both teapots. Very nice!! I must get this book! Thanks for showing them.

  7. I love my book and I think Celtic Teapot will be my first. I think I'll use that same yellow variegated Flora that you used. The others are gorgeous too. I may end up with a bedroom full of teapots! My kitchen has very little wall space. Congratulations on getting to test tat.

  8. Hi Steph dying to see what you make.
    Hi Carol, yup you will have to get this book, it's mega.
    Hi Tattycat, I love the celtic one too, looks hard tho!!
    and I am going to have a lot of teapots too.

  9. I received my book yesterday and have already made the tiny square one and the tiny round. I did struggle with working out the patterns as some abbreviations were new to me, but I got there ion the end. They are so cute and it's going to be fun making them in different colours and sizes of thread. Martha must have put an enormous amount of work in to these lovely designs


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