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Monday, September 14, 2009

Magic Moment!

If you haven't already tatted Jon's Magic Moment snowflake then you have missed out on a fabulous pattern. You can find the pattern here.

You already know that I am addicted to Jon's patterns...didn't I tat her entire Snowflake collection in Rainbow Bright last Christmas!

The first thing that I did with her pattern...something I often do was to enlarge the diagram until it filled the width of my page.

My trial tat was with a plain colour Flora 20...a gorgeous poppy red. It measures 12cm.

As I was tatting I coloured in the diagram...using 2 colours to represent the actual colour that would show....not which shuttle to use...if you get my drift. This showed me what the design would look like in two colours...and it made following the diagram a lot easier too. If you do this then the pattern becomes easy.

Next attempt was in a varig Altin Basak 50. It measures

This one doesn't look quite as pretty in real life!

Now for some fun tatting. I had been fascinated by the stained glass effect that was being achieved by using a black outline and in some cases my Rainbow Bright...I think I already showed you one.
But did you see this one tatted by kuc in japan. This was tatted using the itty bitty sample that I sent her.

This is Magic Moment in size 40 in my HDT...I even had to dye black in 40! This measures 10cm too, the same as the Altin basak 50..

I love this one.
One of my friends used my Blue Lagoon and white as I had seen this combination used to good I had to try it too. This is size 60. It measures just over 9cm and is more snowflake size.

It looks really pretty. It would look divine in size 80.

Look nice on a black background, but doesn't look as dainty as it really is.

So what next...well I have been dyeing the ChocoRaspberry for more than a much so that I am sick of PINK...or so I thought until I saw that Sharon D had tatted this design in ChocoRaspberry....

.....looked good enough to eat so of course I had to tat one..or two as well!! Size 20 thread.

Mmmm! I thought...if it looks good in ChocoRaspberry, it will prob look good in my favourite Turkish Delight Combo of Raspberry Sorbet and Chocolate sauce.....

...and it's yummy! size 40 thread.

Thread amounts...size 20 takes a total of about 20m, 40 takes about 14.5m in total.

Another lovely bit of yummy tatting in ChocoRaspberry was posted by 'One Craft At a Time' and here it is,

Oh! by the way another yummy Choco Dessert is almost ready to come out of the cupboard. Keep watching!!


  1. Really lovely, especially the stained glass effect. But seeing the colours "real live" is the best!

  2. You know Pam you are a better woman than I. I don't know how you have the patience to tat the same pattern over and over. My attention span is too short.
    Every one of your motifs is a gem!

  3. All are so pretty, but I especially like the blue one! ...and the stained glass! ...and the ChocoRaspberry!

  4. Very pretty in so many lovely colors! :)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  5. Hi Pamela, You must be a speed tatter. There is always so many things to see when I stop by your blog. All the tatted motifs are BEAUFITUL!! I don't think I can choose a favorite color.

    This might be a duplicate post. Isent one a minute ago, but I'm not sure it went through.

    Anyway, Love all your tatting!!!

  6. Oh, so much beautiful tatting! You are amazing. I love that snowflake and don't know how I have missed it. I will be sure to get on that one. I think we are both addicted to Jon's snowflakes and I am addicted to your thread! Can't wait for the next one.

  7. Chompin' at the bit for a peek at the new, yummy Choco' Dessert. Will we be waiting long?

    Your motifs done in Choco Raspberry look wonderful - really delicious. Love your stained glass sample too.

    Jon's Magic Moment pattern is on my "to be tatted" list and I can't wait to give it a try. But the Spinning Wheel Glass Mat comes first. So much to tat, so little time!

  8. Hi Pamela - Tatskool, Congratulatioins, just to let you know that you have won my drawing, drop me an email ladytatslace at gmail dot com with your name and address


  9. This is a wonderful post! I love the stained glass effect using the black thread. Thanks for showing the pattern done in so many different threads. Fox : )

  10. Hi Sally,I am so glad you got to see the colours live. My fridge died and now I must get another one, I am so used to having one available.

    Hi Lady Shuttlemaker, I couldn't help adding to you phrase...better woman that I am, gunga din.I don't know where I got this from!
    But no way am I a better woman! you are a legend!
    Tatting motifs in diff colours is such a delight...but I couldn't tat a lot in the same colour...boring!
    I love the way they look so different.

    Hi Diane, you are so like me in tatting the same thing in different's addictive.

    Hi Chic,...keep making comments, I love em all.

    Hi Carol, my tatting builds up and is waiting in line to be blogged about,...I deleted the happens.

    Hi Tattycat, how did you miss this pattern!!!! Next thread coming soon to a blog near you! as soon as I revive!

    Hi Isdihara, so much to tat so little time, it's the story of my life! This is a lovely pattern, very easy once you get the hang of it.

    Hi Ladytats, now that was a comment to warm my heart, thanks so much for your generosity.

    Hi Fox, thanks for taking the time to comment, it means a lot to me.


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