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Monday, October 26, 2009

Grandbaby's First Birthday and nearing Halloween!

It was grandbaby's first birthday on friday and his party on saturday. I can't believe that a whole year has gone by since we were eagerly awaiting news.

We drove up on thursday with his big bag of presents...mainly clothes..including a gorgeous winter coat with fur trimmed hood...for the weather he is expecting!

I got the appealing wrapping paper that I could the hope that a baby would be tempted to look wrong can you be!

A sudden inspiration led me to make some of it into a huge birthday card...that must surely appeal to a baby...and a couple of hours later it was finished.

Lets have a closer look....

...part of the design mounted on holographic card.....more copies of the little people were glued on top to create a 3D decoupage effect. Googley eyes on them and on the tiny critters....lots of glitter...and some pompoms to make it a touchy feelie card. Some tatted flowers and butterflies sneaked in there too....can't have a card for him without tatting. If only you could see how it sparkled.

His mum was most impressed...and he......LOVED it!

His little fingers went straight for the green pompom and he tried his hardest to pull it off.....but it held fast!! until he managed to separate the bit it was glued on to from the next layer in the decoupage underneath!! Little blighter...never underestimate a baby!

The other parcels he had no time for, he brushed them aside on to the floor!! But he did like what was inside when his mum helped him. He even like his new t shirt especially the stripes.

His mum had knitted him a cat...can't help but like what mum makes for you.

His happiness was as usual overflowing. I have yet to see him in bad form.

He is walking round the furniture and crawling like a racing car!

His birthday outing was to here. He is a budding botanist and was as keen on the leaves as I was....

...I did tell him that these huge Oak Leaves were grandmas Rusty Red but he wasn't impressed!

Even the people were made of leaves...

Inside the Crannog they were preparing for their Halloween event...when a visiting witch would be telling stories. The decor was lovely.

The pumpkin lights were gorgeous.

His birthday party was great, he loved his hedgehog cake that his mum made....probably his first piece of sweet cake. His favourite finger foods include avocado and asparagas!

Now I am trying to get back to reality...before my Halloween treat at the weekend!!
I will show you what I have been tatting for Halloween....not a lot really!!

Mustn't overtax you yet tho.


  1. First birthdays are always so much fun! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. Brigit's garden looks wonderful - I wish I could visit it!
    The Birthday Cat is obviously going to be well-loved. But I was looking for a picture of the coat you gave him - I'd would have liked to have seen it!

  3. Hi Diane,I had forgotten what 1st Birthdays were long ago!

    Hi Maureen, yes Brigit's garden is nice at all times of the year, this is my second visit. The coat, I forgot to photograph and he didn't get try it on...not easy trying things on a baby. One day! The cat was a year long work of art! The kind of effort you make for your baby.

  4. First birthday's are great arnt they! I am glad you shared pictures also.

  5. a sweet little fellow, your grandbaby. really adorable. wow, look at all those presents. very nice!

    it looks like you are going to have a great halloween party. is there a real witch?

  6. Such a darling baby! And I still call my 7-year old "baby" :)

    The card is so pretty and bright, no wonder everyone love it!

  7. I've just re-read the descriptiom of Brigit's garden, and you use a word I haven't heard before: cranog.What is that, exactly?

    And unashamedly asking about the cat again - do you think you could ask your daughter which pattern she used? If it's one currently in print, I might buy it myself, for my twins!

  8. Happy 1st Birthday to Fionn!! Wow Pamela, I can't believe a year has gone by already. He's adorable!!! And his day was so special. The birthday card you made was fantastic!! Loved how you made it 3d like. Scrapbooking sure gives one ideas. The knitted cat your daughter made is soooo darn cute!! I've never seen a hedgehog cake, very unique!! Sounds like all had a wonderful time helping Fionn celebrate. Brigit's Garden looks awesome. I would love to visit this place.

  9. Bonne anniversaire à Fionn!

    Loved reading through this post, with all the adorable baby birthday pics and the hedgehog cake. Now I want to make a hedgehog cake!

    I'm forwarding a link to this post to my twin sister in PA, who loves hedgehogs.

    What a cutie-patootie, baby boy!

  10. Hi Ginny..well I HAD to follow your lead with your fab photos.

    Hi Valerie, I wont be there for Halloween to see if she is a real witch! I have other places to go...fingers crossed!

    Hi Maureen, I have written more stuff for you on my other blog

    The pattern was in a magazine before he was born..that's when it was begun!! I am sure I can get a scan of it eventually for you.

    Hi Carol, hope you will pop over to the other blog too to see more. Thanks for all you compliments.
    The hedgehog cake is just about the easiest cake to start year will be MUCH harder!!

    Hi IsDihara, Hope your sister enjoys the hedgehog, she is called Harriet the hedgehog can google her.

    He is the cutest grandbaby EVER and I am not even biased!!

  11. Thanks Singtatter for you kind comment.


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