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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More about the Garden!

Lots of comments came in about the gorgeous grandbaby and the garden visit.
You wanted to know more and see more...if this is you then pop over to my other blog which now deals with most of the boring non tatting stuff!! to read about the garden.

Do please leave a comment and become a follower, that blog feels very lonely and isolated!!


  1. I love the Garden, too. AND, I am now an official follower of your new blog.

    How is the drawing program working out for you?

    I missed Halloween altogether; and no children in costumes ~ very sad as Loyal (similar to Linus waiting for the great pumpkin) sat all evening watching American Football and clutching his silver bowl of all things, "Tootsie."

    The Boy is so 'sunny' ~ reminds me of my happy baby, Lori! She was always interacting and smiling; but the one who was never out of sorts was the last wee one ~(9 lbs is hardly wee) BB. LOL
    Hugs, XXXXX Bev
    PS thank you for the phonetic spellings and pronunciation guide for the garden.

  2. Hi Bev Thanks for your encouragement and for becoming a follower.
    The drawing programme is still on 'the long finger'! waiting for MORE time!


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