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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A person can never have too many books!!

I have been finding packages of books in my porch! There is always room in my life for another book and if it's a tatting book then it's even more welcome.

My packages came from Malaysia, Ohio and Ontario....without the internet how would I ever have know about these self published books?

Look at the beautiful stamps from Malaysia..... more delicious fruits that I have never heard of, I wonder are they edible. The mangosteens that I told you about in the last post were a disappointment.It is the end of the season and they were past their best.

...inside was a bundle of books....Jon Yusoff's Tatting with Rings.

....for my friends all fans of Jon's work. We had these on order since before her book was even published. As soon as I told them about her upcoming new book, I was asked.."Have you ordered it for us?"

See all the little bags of rings specially packaged by Jon. I was so glad that I had ordered them as they are so different from my stash of rings. I have a good selection of rings both plastic and brass but nothing to equal these delicate rings.

Jon's rings are the top two. The smaller one is much the same size as my brass rings. 2.5cm just under an inch/

Next book to arrive was from Ohio, Rozella Linden AKA Ruth Perry's Celtic Leaves and Flowers. I bought this primarily for the Celtic Maple Leaf as I was into tatting leaves, but there are many more leaf and flower patterns to tempt me.

Last to arrive in a record time of 4 days over a weekend at that was Sharon Brigg's new book Marvellous Motifs...a collection of motifs to stand alone or be joined into mats or shawls. Such a lot of work has gone into the design of these motifs and you are bound to see something you would like. Sharon is struggling to teach me to be a designer in the Design Tat course! hmmm!

OK, so you spotted that there is another book in this group, 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn. I got this book just before last Christmas and I have challenged myself to tat as many of these snowflakes in order as I can before Christmas. One done 23 to go! Such a varied group of snowflakes will be a delight.


  1. Oh, you got some fun tatting books! I have the 24 days of Christmas snowflakes in Danish, LOL! I have yet to get the others. I REALLY want the Celtic one!

  2. I have the tatted hankerchief edgings in.....ish! too. Fun isn't it.

  3. Looks like there are hours and hours and hours of tatting ahead for you. Therefore no housework and no going out! Mind you if I lived where you lived I could just tat and tat and look out at the marvelous view all day!

  4. Wow, you are going to have so much fun tatting from all those fantastic books. I can't wait to see all the lushish colors of HDT you tat all those patterns in!!!!

  5. New tatting books are always fun. I really want Ruth's books as well, and I'm thinking of getting Sharon's. I have the snowflake book as well. There are a lot of nice snowflakes in that book. I can't wait to see what you make from these books.

  6. Hurray for speedy post delivery! Your new books all look so wonderful. I'm still waiting for my copy of Sharon Brigg's book. (Wonder why it hasn't arrived yet? Maybe I should email Sharon...)

    Anyway! I see a blizzard in your future. Enjoy the tatting. Just don't forget to blog once in awhile and show us the flakes of your labor. Hee, hee!

  7. Hi Sally, If only time and good health were endless!

    Hi Carol, well I have started on Tatting with Rings, its my kind of book.oh and the snowflakes too, 2 made 22 to go!

    Hi Jeff, oh books books books! wonderful.

    Hi IsDihara, I have so many things building up to blog about all waiting their turn to shine.


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