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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Books,book, books!

I have just finished my annual incarceration in an exam hall. It gets shorter each year as I get older and the economy gets weaker!
This year together with a good friend, I watched over the mature students doing distance learning courses. This is always a pleasure as some of them haven't sat am exam for decades and really appreciate a friendly face!

5 days, 45 hours gives lots of time to glance down at a book, and I had stocked up!

The first one to be read from cover to cover was the Travelling book, generously travelling round the world courtesy of it's owner Fox.
In case you don't know about it, the travelling book is
Let's Tat
Angeline Crichlow.

You can read about Angeline on Ambitatterous's blog, it's a great report.
The book arrived together with a pretty bookmark from Gina.
A self published book, one of a hundred copies produced by Angeline in first  thought was it's a thesis.
I have seen so many theses for masters and doctorates from this era....the time before students could produce their own computer generated pages with the diagrams and photos embedded in them ready to be printed and bound.

But Angeline didn't have all these desk top printing facilities. This book is many pages all difficult to correct ones mistakes as Fox has shown.
All the black and white photos must have been attached to the pages where she wanted them to be and then the pages had to be numbered, and the whole thing xeroxed maybe....photocopying was in it's infancy.
Then like a thesis produced today it was sent to a expert himself in quality production. The gold foiled letters are so wonderful.
Angeline you created a masterpiece. It must have taken a long time to produce a hundred copies.

It was a wonderful read, thank you so much Fox. It is packaged and ready to send on to the next name on the list.

I had been saving another treat,
Heather Lickley's book on the life of Elgiva Nicholls.....the first thing that I learned was how to pronounce her rhymns with Godiva!

researched by Heather funded by a Ring Of Tatters Bursary, it is a fascinating read.
The book can be ordered direct from Heather herself.

I had also saved the latest newsletter of The Ring Of Tatters
Another great read.
Last but not least pattern book that a friend had ordered for me from the States.

I had seen so many of the designs tatted by lace Loving Librarian that it was a must have. An inexpensive little book with lots of pretty designs to tat.  Maybe for Christmas!

I haven't been able to or in the mood to blog for a couple of weeks so it's good to be back in the mood.
I should have been enjoying the delights of Prague today but with the volcanic ash cloud drifting backwards and forwards with the wind together with a cabin crew strike, and our friends canceling, we decided to quit while we were ahead! So no great gecko photos this time.
More soon....even tatting....maybe.


  1. That's it. You've convinced me. I am getting myra piper's book. Have been wanting it for months now.

  2. What a great collection of tatting literature! I am really looking forward to my turn with the copy of "Let's Tat". I think the more we can learn and pass on the better chance tatting will continue =) Going to order Myra Pipers book too now!

  3. Myra's book has some nice snowflakes but a lot are very similar to things that I have seen elsewhere. It has the old fashioned long notation and no diagrams, but is not expensive so prob worth getting.

  4. Love the post! I love watching "Angeline's Travelling Book Adventure"! Such fun for me to have the book wend its merry way around the world.

    Great tatting literature. I have enjoyed Myra Piper's book immensely. So many pretty small projects.

    Heather was at the Fringe Tatter event in Ontario last year and I didn't buy her book then; should have I guess! Now I will have to pay postage. A false saving that was.

    Fox : )

  5. Well now see, I wouldn't have thought of a thesis. Wonderful insights, thank you!

  6. It is such a pleasure to see you posting again! And what a treat this post was! Wheeeee!

    Wishing I were a fly on the wall, peeking over your shoulder as your perused all those marvelous pages.

    I really need to subscribe to Ring of Tatters...

  7. Ah, Feragal and company back in New Mexico. Scarlett took very good care of me with tea and saltines when I was having my 2-day laying in....aghhh
    I have not felt like that since I was a child. Donnacha is looking for the serape as he wanted to give it to Feargal as a momento from his journey...since they will be leaving soon...

    I wonder...Do you suppose a mimeograph reproduced the pages, in that case, a stencil was cut. I have worked so many of those preparing tests for students back in the day....LOL I still remember the smell.

    hugs, Bev

  8. Great to see you back and Feragal and Scarlett seems to be enjoying themselves as well!!!!!


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