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Friday, May 28, 2010

Coral Reef and more Spring Doileys.

At last I hear you say
A month ago I first tatted Vinnie's Spring can read ALL about it in this post.....for amounts of thread needed etc.
it's an addictive little design
maybe it's just me being lazy!

When I find a pattern that I really like, two things happen....
firstly I want to tat it in every possible colour combo..just to see what it would look like...
and secondly, because I have done it before it becomes easy...and the shuttles tend to load themselves...telling me that I can tat it while watching TV with little effort...see what I mean about being lazy. Where as starting a new design while it may be exciting does require concentration.

I tatted Spring Doiley again.....this time in Flame Lantana...(or Tequila's other name thanks to Tatting Goddess)......just to see.....

It really does look vibrant. I really liked the way that the colours worked...quite by accident.....the central rings are all orange...and in all the other elements the colours repeat alternately and it all is very harmonious...I like it when that happens.

Now for something more gentle. I tatted it again in my new Coral Reef....yup I have been dyeing Coral reef again as it's one of my favourites.

This time Coral Reef is a teeny bit different...maybe not even enough to notice.....but spurred on by the colour changes in my Rainbow Transitions has two more in between colours added to add a bit more interest.

Here is a collage of all the Spring Doiley's that I have tatted

Still want to do one using a matching solid for the chains.


  1. They look so pretty together - I think my favourite is the one at the top left - is it a daffodil colour?

  2. Thanks Maureen, Yup it's Daffodil Dell and it absolutely zings...probably my favourite too. I really want to try Just Daffodils and a solid green but I have now moved on! Life is too short!

  3. One word... HUMBLING! These are gorgeous! ALl of them.

    I am still trying to get to the shuttle loaded with YOUR thread for this one!

    This pattern confounds me, as you know, but I have printed out your very clear instruction to Vinnie's brilliant design, and will soon have a go at it.

    These such a great inspiration.
    Fox : )

  4. OOoooooh Lovely lovely !
    I love them all!!!!

  5. What lovely doilies just love the colours, isn't the varigated a lovely thread to work with. The colours are so stunning!!!

  6. Fox got it right, HUMBLING!

    The colors are SO gorgeous, how could anyone pick just one as a favorite? (I know I can't.)

    And Vinnie's Spring Doily pattern confounds me too. Once I sit down and really focus, I am sure a lightning bolt of realization will hit me square on the noggin' - LOL!

    The in-between colors you have added to Coral Reef really do add a certain "je ne sais quoi." A great colorway is now even more irresistable! Like snorkeling in warm, Caribbean waters. Once you've tried it, you want to do it again and again. Great job!

  7. They are all lovely! I can not pick one over the other as to one I like better.

    You must be a speed tatter, Tatskool, I am lucky to complete a simple bookmark a week.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you have "moved on" to.


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