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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tatskool Tats!

Yup, you finally get to see some tatting!
Way back in the summer I fell in love....
with a new design.
It came to me via the Online Tatting Class, and is
by Petra Tornack-Zimmermann.
She has recently published her book 
Happy Occhi.
A book of square motifs.
The design that I fell in love with is has certainly been my sunshine.
Thank you so much Petra, your book is on my to get list.
The very last one that I have tatted is in my favourite colour of all time...
Rainbow Bright of course.

But lets go back to the beginning.....
.....the very first one that I tried....
...led me to shout...
Because it had such eye catching negative space.

The second one had the beads but it just didn't have the WOW factor.
Nothing for it but to try my HDT .....
SweetShop was my first choice...oh how I love this thread.
The beads are 3 cut crystal and they sparkle so much.
Sorry didn't quite get the colours right, better in photo below.

Oh! SweetShop why do I love you so much.....
because you go with everything....
....for instance, I randomly (as if) selected a T Shirt and woweee...look at this...

isn't that amazing?
More pendants to show you soon.


  1. That design does make a great looking pendant!

  2. Aha - I see I gave to investigate another book...that is pretty!
    Fox : )

  3. So happy to see you blogging again! Belated Happy Birthday! Pretty amazing that you and Jane were born around the same time! And your recent visit together was quite a special event, sharing this milestone birthday!
    So great to know you're still tatting and dyeing threads! This is a beautiful pendant, and as usual, we get to see it in different colors as you experiment with thread colors and beads, featuring your own beautiful HDT. Welcome back!

  4. Thanks for your support. Please keep reading and commenting :-)


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