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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

More pendants

After the first few came a rush of pendants......
next up was my Vanilla Sky with 3 Cut Crystal beads.....
This looks lovely worn with a plain Lilac T-Shirt.

This was followed by.....Raspberry Ripple with Vanilla
and Silver Lined Pink Beads
........and Coral Reef with Silver Lined Royal Blue beads

....and Apple Blossom with Silver Lined Pink beads.

More of these coming your way soon.....until you are sick of them....I just couldn't stop trying different colours.


  1. Know the feeling of not being able to stop!!!!

  2. So glad to see your posts again and your galleries of motifs done in your beautiful HD threads! I love to see the way the different colors and beads work out! This is like old times! And the pendant is a great pattern!

  3. How do you pack such personality into your pendants? I know, your wonderful colorways and expert sense of complimentary accents. Top shelf! Sublime.

    I have been wondering...did your wayward Lep, Fergal make his way back home?

  4. Nope cant stop. Kathy so glad you are still with me. Personality in my pendants! Isdihara...I guess I just love 'em! Thanks God's Kid.
    Wayward Fergal....mmm! always knew that lad had wanderlust, takes after his mum! Last heard of with Diane...must write a post and try to locate the little fella.


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