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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Even MORE!

This pattern was so addictive......I have given them to all my relatives and friends and still can't stop!!
Some colourways are working better than others .
Just personal preference and what I have to wear them with.
 Everyone I gave them too had their own different preferences,which was cool.
Next up was Gina's Tequila Sunrise.....
 This time I used silver lined transparent beads and they really made the colours zing!
So that's what I have used on all the colourways since then.

 Next to tat were the ChocoRaspberry family( made to make your mouth water)!
We already saw Raspberry Ripple with Vanilla in the previous post.

This looked really lovely with another 'random' T-Shirt from my ever growing collection!
You can now see how the beads add zing.
But the next two in the ChocoRaspberry Family would look equally well.
All the colouways seem to come to life against skin!
Raspberry Sorbet...
......Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse.

Come back soon to see my all time favourites

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  1. I may have to pull out that pattern and make some for Christmas presents. I love all the colors you've used!


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