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Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Leprechaun Day!


To ALL my Tatting Friends, some Irish some not so Irish but all very dear to me.
(I would have posted this much earlier but the internet connection went down mid composition!)

Last night my 5 year old grandson....aided and abetted by his mum.....
set a
Top view......

 ....and inside a trail of coins and trinkets has led to what looks like a crock of gold....and stuff!
(I have brightened these photos as it is very dark and mysterious inside, but hard to see anything!)
......I wonder if they will catch anything.....

 Here at Lep HQ. we were ready with THE SNAKE on watch
and lo and behold he caught an intruder and trapped it in his coils.
 Elsewhere another Leprechaun continues to sit peacefully in the rocking chair. When disturbed all he will say is....
I'm rocking my baby 
and babies don't keep!"

Tho' in his case he has been rocking that baby for years.....maybe only a moment in Leprechaun time.
Tatted Lep and baby were gifts from Carol Amich at the height of Lep Mania. They are just wonderful.
Rock on!
Elsewhere the house is in celebratory mode.
We all hope that Fergal the Roamer is having a great day.....please log into Lep HQ when you have a free moment.

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  1. And a Happy Happy Lep' Day to you and the whole HQ gang, from CiarrĂ¡n!


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