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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Hello Silver Dawn!

OMG can it really be THREE MONTHS since I last blogged and promised you a new colourway!
So much has happened since then, 
Christmas celebrations... hope you all had a happy one.
New Year celebrations....hope you all will be happy and healthy,
Holiday in the sun.....more about that soon..ish.
Coming home to the worst storms we have ever had.water everywhere, the whole country is still soaking wet .
Looking after gorgeous grandchildren while their mum is away lecturing.

And of course Tatting and Dyeing, working on my TAT Master...and its hard to do it well.
Only one out of twelve completed to my satisfaction.

So back to Silver Dawn.
Imagine if you will very early in the morning just as the sky begins to brighten to pure hint of blue yet, gradually it becomes tinged with pink giving the sky a slight purplish tinge, which soon turns into a pink flush.
Above the horizon comes a hint of peach, then apricot tinting the pink.
Wow! then suddenly the sun begins to break through on the horizon an the whole scene becomes lit with gold.
Sounds idyllic doesn't it?
Well I am lucky enough to be able to see this happen with nothing to interrupt the  view of the horizon.....if I should get up that early that is......and it was one such morning that took my breath away.....and shouted out SILVER must dye that!
While we were on holiday in UK I was witness to a sky that was even more like I imagined
Silver Dawn to be.
So here goes....this is my interpretation of this beautiful sky.
This is how it looks when tatted in my favourite patterns. It's very soft and gentle.
Tatted in my favourite pendant pattern.
If you like Silver Dawn you can find it here.


  1. You are up to the Master Course! Good for you- though you are already a Master Tatter! Now you get a pin to prove it. : ))

    The thread is fabulous. I am saving...
    xxooxx Fox : )

  2. Ooooh, tat's a pretty combo of colours.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous thread, perfectly matching the beautiful sky! I also love how easily you tat Heart's Desire! It was slow going for my first try. I see you're also getting a lot of rain in Ireland. It's great to see this post, and glad you got a holiday!

  4. That is marvelous! You really did capture the colors just perfectly, and it's such a pretty name, too. You have outdone yourself with this one!

    I wish you could send some of that rain our way, we'd be happy for a little of it.

  5. Fox you are my Master star, Jane E my inspiration,Michelle thanks for your encouragement,Kathy finishing Hearts Desire is just a matter of discipline, laying it out and working out what to attach to where, it gets easier,honest. Jane...another inspiration and Miranda I so appreciate your comments and have tried really hard to send the rain your way and now its been dry for a week and my car has finally dried out. I sucked (with my Vax) 2 litres of water out the carpets one day during the storms!


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