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Friday, April 04, 2008

A tiny tale.

Now for something completely different..if this isn't the most exquisite thing you have ever seen then............

It all started when I asked my tatting group what they would most like to tat. This triggered an immediate response from one friend as she produced Rebecca Jones's Complete Book of Tatting and said 'this bootee even if only to use as a pincushion.'

Now tatting baby's bootees is just not my scene! but everything is worth trying ONCE!

Took a look at the book (that we all have). The bootee in the photo looked pretty, the diagram looked like a nightmare. Looking at a flatenned bootee is a bit like looking at the world on Mercators projection...hugely distorted!

The tatting is actually very easy..only one split ring and for most of it every picot is separated from the next by 2 stitches so that's easy to remember.

She says that all picots are normal size so you have to look past the distortion. But what is normal size??

The headache for me was in joining one round to the next as I am very bad at upside down,standing on your head,back to front stuff and the diagram was not a great help. In fact it took me until the third bootee to get it right and amend the diagram so that joining was easy to see. Now I don't have to contort myself to fit my final chains into a tight space and end up having to do unflipped chains to get them in at all.

The most important thing to strike me (and it wasn't until I was part way through) was the sudden realisation that the bootee I was tatting bore no resemblence to the photo in the book!! I had expected that the photo would be the bootee that I was making...but no not so!

My first trial was in a very light salmon Flora 20 using normal sized picots, it is full of mistakes and missed joins but by the time it was stffened and blocked and had a ribbon threaded through the rings it looks divine.

Mmmm normal sized picots...well it seemed to me that a baby's bootee needed to be very very frilly and so my picots became a lot bigger and so did my bootee!

I ended up making my trial and then two complete pairs in white Coats Mercer 20......oh you just can't beat white for some things can you. One pair is pretty good and the other is damn nigh perfect..every picot measured, just one little misplaced picot to show that it really is hand made.

The longer picots made quite a difference to the finished size.

This is to show you how pretty the motif on the front is with it's overlapping rings and long chains.

Sorry but I couldn't stop taking photos of this achievement! This is real old fashioned heirloom stuff. Except that I looked through all my Tatting books and all my archival stuff and could find plenty of bonnets but no bootees until quite recently. Anyone have any comments on this?

Don't they send little shudders down your spine! and well there might even be another reason for tatting bootees!!!!!!!!!!!

Now to get back to real vibrant HDT! nuff of this white stuff.


  1. they are so beautiful ...i used to tatt when was in school then after 40 odd years of not tatting has made me scared to tatt.i am from india...i really appreciate your work.
    love and peace.

  2. I tatted in school too and when I came back to it discovered all this new, so exciting stuff. Don't be scared you wont have forgotten how to do it.

  3. Oh, what sweet little booties. I don't blame you for taking so many photos of them. They're just beautiful. I made some years ago out of an old workbasket magazine.

  4. These are adorable! Great job to you for not giving up! when a pattern has a lot of mistakes in it, I usually lose interest.

    I would love to see this blog in the Tatted Ring of Bloggers if that is something you would be interested in!

  5. Ooohh... There are so cute.

    I have not tatted booties before. Are they going to be given away as a gifts?

  6. These booties are just precious!

  7. Thanks everybody, Sherry thanks for the invitation to join the Ring of is now done!

    Jon, one pair will be a gift and as I can't bear not to keep what I tat! then the other pair is for ME..

    probably to put into competitions and exhibitions, as I am soooh proud of them!

  8. These are beautiful! I'll have to pull Rebecca's book off the shelf and look at it. I have a Workbasket pattern that my Mom laminated and saved for years. I just might have to give it a go after seeing your beauties!

    I'm glad you joined the ring, and I look forward to future posts!

  9. They are gorgeous and do send chills down my spine. I might have to tat some booties. Another reason for tatting booties? Don't tell me! LOL
    I'm so glad you joined the ring.

  10. I have a pattern somewheare for booties, a old one black and white, I was quite put off to try to make one but you have such lovely pictures of yours that I have to rethink that. Also much easier to see what they look like, both the work and photos off them are great!

  11. Beautiful! I have made booties before, but I like this pattern. I may have to use it next time I need to tat some booties!

  12. Thanks Battatter it is a lovely pattern, my first lot of bootees.

  13. Again I ask how or where do you get this pattern?

  14. Hi Unknown. I am sorry that you have missed seeing the source of the pattern , it is written in the second paragraph of the post and also on every picture, and even mentioned in one of the comments. Hope this answers your question ;-)

  15. were can I get the pattern for these?

  16. Hi Unknown, I wonder why you keep asking the same question! I have already answered you. Just go back and read the blog post. I am sorry that it is not my pattern to give away but the book is easily obtainable.


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