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Monday, November 24, 2008

No 6. Sunburst and more talented friends.

My next snowflake by Jon Yusoff is Sunburst.

First in white size 20 it measures 3 1/4in and takes in DMC 20 approx 3.25metres on Sh 1 and 5.5 metres on make sure that you allow extra as this is only a guideline amount that I need to use. Allow at least 50cms more on each shuttle to slacker tatting or longer picots. A guide line is only good if it makes things easier for you, if you have to add a short length near the end then it hasn't served it's purpose.

It's a very elegant pattern., one of my favorites, lots of negative space.

This is a design that really looks really good in Rainbow Bright. I think its because of the continuation of the colour round the outside that also includes the rings. I like the busy bit in the middle too. This would look nice using a solid colour too for some parts, but time eludes me. Maybe some other time.

There have been lots of lovely things coming into my inbox from you guys out there using Rainbow Bright....they make my heart sing!

First from Jeff came Kim's Snowflake, it looks stunning on the black background. I have to try this one. Jeff definately deserves the One Sweet Blog Award(see my earlier post).

From Laura came a Denise Munoz Rose Snowflake, the same one that Sherry T tatted.

Jon's Carrousel

and her own design Pizzazz,

and Nancy Tracy's Layered Snowflake. Even more for my must do list. Aren't they all lovely.

Omon San tatted a heart by Mary Konior, you also deserve a One Sweet Blog Award.

and Connie Angeline made Mary Konior's cross. I am not sure if you have a blog connie, if you do please accept a One Sweet Blog Award.

All I can say is wow, what talent you all have.

More snowflakes from me coming soon.


  1. What a beautiful selection. Rainbow Bright really works well in so many patterns, it's almost a 'magic' thread!

  2. Thanks for all of the good press! I just love your thread.


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