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Friday, June 12, 2009

The ChocoRaspberry Family!

BEWARE!!! Very long post! You have been waiting for this...haven't you!!

ChocoRaspberry turned out to be a big hit....with me and with you! Thanks for all your kind comments. If you haven't already had your mouth water..then look here at my original post.

I just couldn't get enough of it and it was singing DOILEY to me. Then it occurred to me that I could select certain parts of ChocoRaspberry and that would make it much more interesting....and so The ChocoRaspberry Family was born.

Working from dark to light the first one to be dyed separately was Chocolate Sauce the topping for my delicious dessert. It did think of making a variegated chocolate thread but decided against it as my Chocolate sauce needed to be smooth so I just let the natural variation found in a hand dyed thread give it interest. I am sure most of you will already have a brown thread in you stash...just maybe not as yummy as this one.

Next to come was Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse...that's the bit under the Chocolate sauce and on top of the raspberries with a like bit of refining to make it more yummy.

So the first thing I did was to tat with them. Susan Fuller's Hearts Desire of course.
I will do my best to show these colours as they really are...not easy.

Here it is again but with Chocolate sauce for the chains.

Here they both are together with ChocoRaspberry.

The next bit to dye was Raspberry Sorbet..... I had already dyed this colour combo a year ago and loved it and no had to try to repeat it.....well several trials and hearts later I got it to my satisfaction.

Since it is a sorbet with no cream in it I wanted the raspberry colour to be more intense...and have a wider range from deep to pale. Again you probably have similar threads in your stash.

I tatted Raspberry Sorbet with Chocolate sauce chains and I got......Turkish Delight...I love this combo.

The final bit of the jigsaw that I wanted was something very pale...a Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream. This took even more trials getting paler and paler and paler and still having enough contrast.
I found that a 10 to 11 yard sample would give me a heart and maybe a butterfly.

Sorry if I am boring you...this is just the way my mind works.

These are all very pretty in their own right. The bottom one is getting there.....

It's hard to see but it goes down to pure white.... I have something very similar in my stash and I really don't like threads that go down to pure white. It looks like very artificial ice cream to me!!!

So I decided to add a little pure vanilla to my ice is the result....Raspberry Ripple with Real Vanilla

Can you see the difference when I show you the two together?

In another life if this hadn't been in the ChocoRaspberry family I would have called it Coconut Ice 'cos that's exactly what it looks like.

I would like to tat this with Chocolate Sauce but I could keep going with this forever!! I have already bored you too much.

So meet the whole family.

Finally here is my stash!! Lot of tatting there.

Do please let me know what you think and which you like best...if you read my blog and have never commented now is the time. It's easy just click on post don't need a blog of your own to do this. Each and every comment is valued.


  1. You've got to be kidding... choose a favorite?! I love them all! Pardon me while I smack my lips. I think I may have to raid the refrigerator... or maybe I'll just order some luscious thread!

    Hmm... I guess I am in the mood for chocolate...

  2. Man, oh man! I have never had a post give me the munchies like this one does! Funny thing is, I'm eating a bowl of ice cream as I read this. I think the Chocolate Sauce and Raspberry Ripple with Real Vanilla will look faboo together!!

  3. ooooh I love them all! They make me hungry just looking at them. But, if I had to choose favorites.. ChocoRaspberry, Choco Rasp Mousse, and the Chocolate Sauce. So nice! I can hardly wait to get mine!

  4. I always think of foods when I am playing with threads too!

    I have some Oren Bayan that makes me need a mango smoothie :-)

    Anywhoo, haven't commented on your blog before, but I couldn't resist the threads. I LOVE the rasberry with real vanilla.....mmmm now I need ice cream!

  5. oh great, I need to dry out my keyboard, I have been drooooolling.

    they are all yummy and I can see that you have captured the colors perfectly.
    I will have to go count my pennys to see if I can afford some of these.
    Thanks a bunch

  6. Wow! such beautiful and delicious colours. wow!

  7. I just ate dinner & then a chocolate candy bar and you still made me hungry! I like the ones with some kind of chocolate in them best.

  8. These are all yummy. I especially like the Turkish Delight brown and pink together

  9. Wowwy, wow, wow! Gorgeous and delicious! Will they have to be packed in dry ice to ship? LOL I must have them, all. All I say!!! You have done a marvelous job on conception, dyeing, refining and tatting. Congratulations.

  10. Very pretty. I think I'll be shopping for raspberries today thanks to you! :)

  11. Hard to chose a favorite! I would have to go with chocolate and raspberry moose (the first two you showed, I might not have the names correct). I like dark colors though, and brown is my absolute favorite! They're all beautiful though:)

  12. OMG! They are all so delicious. You are not boring me one bit with these delightful photos. I have to start saving pennies so that I can get these soon.

  13. Hi Diane, you wouldn't believe the ever increasing pile of empty Pink chocolate foil wrappers next to my computer!

    Hi Steph, you are too funny, even funnier than I am! Yup they will look nice together when I get enough for myself to try it!

    Hi battatter, your long wait is almost over, can you stand it!

    Hi Krystie thanks for taking the time to comment, mango smoothies coming next...oops let the cat out of the bag!!

    Hi Sherry, hope not!

    Hi Ladytats, hope your keyboard is ok!! so many people drooling!

    Hi Reen thanks for your comment.

    Hi Gina, LOL, yup the chocolate ones are fab but the others compliment them so well. I see big things coming from them.

    Hi Martha, nice to see you back. I loooove Turkish delight...hence why it shouted at me from that heart.

    Hi Tattycat, dry ice!! nah! I freeze dry them. Thanks for the compliment.

    Hi Chic...yummy...wish I could join you.

    Hi mica, thanks for your input I have enjoyed reading everybody's preferences.

    Hi Jon, phew I was afraid that post was much to long. Looking at it now i think boy what a sales pitch but nothing is further from the truth. Just can't resist being a technician. and being good at what i do...I hope!

  14. OMG, OH I love all of the colors and your work is fabulous!!!! I wish I knew how to tat! I was 8 when I learned how to crochet and I admired my neighbor's tatting. My neighbor said she would teach me how to tat. I was so excited and eager to learn. Then the next week, sadly she passed away so I never did. It seemed tatting was a thing of the past, but wow, looks like a come back. It must take several tedious hours to do, but seems gratifiying. Maybe one day I will learn, but for now I quilt and do fiberarts. sigh! I'll come back to lick your blog from time to time. lol

  15. Hi Pamela, So nice to meet you. I came over from Tatting Chic's blog and her post of your beautiful and thought gift to her. Everything was lovely just like your fantastic blog.
    Oh I love all your threads. Hard to pick a favorite. They are all gorgeous and great together.
    You are so talented and creative. What a treat to view all your pretties.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Blessings, Celestina Marie

  16. Hi Needlewings, tatting is not at all tedious to do and its very portable and very versatile. You can make so many different things.
    Glad you stopped by, come and lick my blog any time...hope you have bookmarked me.

    Hi Celestina Marie, welcome to my bit of blogland, glad you like it all. Do come back again soon, thanks so much for your comment. Tatting Chic is just the best.

  17. Seriously, this post held me RIVETED with the mouth-watering color combinations. How could anyone choose just one? I sure can't!

    I love the raspberry ripple with real vanilla (huge compliment coming from a consummate chocoholic) and Turkish Delight. Now for the chocolate: the entire choco-raspberry family.

    See my latest Tatting Tea Tuesday post for the love I gave to raspberry and chocolate mousse BEFORE I read this post. No lie!

  18. Hello! This is my first time visiting your blog (I came here from Krystledawne Tats), but I thought I'd comment anyway. My favorite is definitely the first one, Raspberry & Chocolate Mousse. I like the subtle blending of shades more than the clearly defined lines in the others. Though, if I had to pick a runner up, it would be Raspberry Sorbet with Chocolate Sauce. Great names, btw!

  19. Hi Isdihara,

    Thanks for you lovely comment. It was fun to make your mouth water. It's too funny that you had just posted about your tea.I like your blog a lot.

    Hi Summer, thanks for popping over and for taking the trouble to comment. It's good to know what people think of my colours. I like subtle too.


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