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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Back to the wedding outfit...yet again!!

I had soooh many lovely comments on my attempts at fashion that I just have to give in and post a picture.

I just have to quote part of the comment left by BugGirl(who sounds like a girl after my own heart with a name like that!).

You have such a flair for color coordination and making things classy and elegant even with bright colors. There needs to be more bright colors in fashion today! I think people are scared of them, but you prove they can look so right. Have you thought of going into business helping people with fashion?

Boy did she make my YEAR!!

Just goes to show what a very un-fashion conscious T-shirt and jeans wearing, ageing, tatter, can do when she tries!

At this wedding I did actually get a lot of compliments on the outfit and the tatting,partly from relatives who know about my tatting...including my niece who I taught long ago...but also from people that I didn't know who could see how much effort had gone into personalising it. Gone are the days when the comment 'did you make that yourself!' use to be a bit of a out down.

Long ago when my kids were small we chanced upon a button badge making session at the library. As usual when stumped to come up with a design my mind went I drew the simple flower that I always draw and added the caption Yes I did make it myself! mmmm I must still have that somewhere.

Ok want to see the photo, I know. You know that I hate photos of me don't you, so this is a big concession.

Can you see the feathers on the fascinator?

The wedding was really lovely...another opportunity to catch up with relatives.....but oh my feet....did they suffer from standing in my beautiful silver sandals...
Do we have to suffer to look great...they weren't even very high.
In the end I had to change into my raspberry sandals as my ankles were so swollen. This does not bode well for the future!!

The rest of the holiday was action packed. Hubby had agreed to help son to build a deck in daughter in law to be's their garden!
He had already done a lot of the hard work in preparation.

To cut a long story short in 6 days of very hard work it went from this....... this...... this...

You can't really see just how big it is, there must be another 4 feet between the table and the house. What a difference it makes to this lovely city garden. These two lads could get a job as professional deck builders any day!!

After 6 day of dodging the odd shower, with fingers constantly crossed that the heavy rain always forecast wouldn't stop them in the limited time that we had, they announced at 4pm that it was finished. 5 minutes later the heavens opened and it didn't stop raining for days until we were safely back in sunny Ireland!
Fortunately son had been unable to wait to get out the new deck furniture and have a BBQ, that we christened it the night before it was finished and the railings added.

We did so much....daughter in law to be and I shopped for wedding invitation supplies (any excuse to go into craft shops!!) and made the invitations...can't show you yet..still under wraps.

Her parents came to meet us(how daunting) and they are such lovely people....and we all got to go and see the wedding venue, which is fab.

I didn't lift a tatting shuttle for nearly two weeks...this must be a record...I don't know what came over me.

I value each and every one of your comments and referrals to me on your blogs..they really spur me on.....please kepp leaving them...but could I please ask you to not to use my real name.....particularly my full name.....Thanks.


  1. Amazing how much style and interest a few simple strips of tatting can add to an outfit. And no, you don't have to suffer for beauty. I've given up on high heels altogether (and I'm short). My favorite shoes for formalwear are Indian-style khussas. See I have no connection with them; I just like the shoes because they prove that flats don't have to be dowdy.

    Lovely deck, too. If I had a house, I would ask to import your husband and son!

  2. Hi Miranda, wow those shoes are gorgeous. I have not heard of them before. I wonder how US sizing compares with British/European.

  3. Your outfit is lovely and the fascinator is nice, too!

    I am just in awe over that fabulous deck! Your hubby is an amazing man!

  4. Thanks Chic, the two lads make a great team and have had plenty of practice in our garden. They built our first deck over 10 years ago before anyone else had one, now they are everywhere, with easy to use materials....well not that easy!

  5. Your initial comments do give me hope for the very near future!!!

    Great deck!

  6. With a fascinator as beautiful as yours, I don't think you needed to worry about feet! Kumfs - I live in them. NZ brand, expensive, but designed by a chiropractor.
    With that deck, you could almost have been in Queensland!

  7. HI Fox, Hope springs eternal! Nice to hear from you.

    Hi Maureen, It was the decks in Australia that made hubby want one in the first our place that is. They are perfect for a sloping garden....and yup we could be anywhere in the world....especially when the sun shines!!
    The deck we just built made such a difference.

  8. You look stunning in your outfit! Thank you for sharing the picture.

    Nice Deck, lucky woman!

    2 weeks without picking up a shuttle that's got to be a record for you, a sad one though LOL.

  9. Oh my, you look so distinguished in your ensemble! And the fascinator looks good on you too; I'm a bit leery of wearing mind (it's lovely) being 73. Mine has feathers, too. (Zena ~ The Sea of Dreams ~ made mine)
    The trip sounds great. That deck would work really well on our 'ridge'. While our property isn't quite vertical, it is quite a slope. Be nice to watch fireworks from a deck like that! Great workmanship and design.
    Donnacha says 'hi de hi"

    PS back to lesson 2 of design class

  10. Hi Bonnie, Thanks, yes she is lucky..daughter wants one now!!

    I usually tat on the boat if nowhere else ( well there is always somewhere else too) but the sea was a bit choppy. I took a big bag of ideas to tat..maybe they were too complicated to pick up...espec in bad light.

    Hi Ridgetatter, 73 is NOTHING!! I remember Zena making it for you, do post a picture.
    Hi to Donnacha too and I must get on with the design class too, it's fab.

  11. Your wedding ensemble is stunning and original -- certainly deserving of all the nice compliments you received, and more.

    Oh, what a gorgeous deck! Wishing I didn't live so very far away...I'd beg your men to help make mine more livable.

    Not sure what a fascinator is, but with the springy feathers your looks divine! Very lovely.

    I have changed any/all references to you on my blog to Tatskool. Hope that helps with the name issues.

  12. Thanks Isdihara you are a star!

    I am only showing the pictures 'cos you all live so far away!!
    My son did approve of the post, I think he was really chuffed with the comments.
    But...they would be way too expensive to rent out!! Hubby was shattered!

    Fascinator is just a replacement for a hat!

  13. The fastinator is beautiful as is your outfit! I am sure your raspberry shoes looked beautiful too.

    That deck is gorgeous! I am in awe of what was done in a few days!


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