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Friday, August 28, 2009


A VIT....Very Important Tatter....of course....came to visit me last Saturday.
This is the second time that we have met....the last time was two years ago. Timing was against us last year so we didn't make it.

So who was my VIT??

If you have been commenting and reading my blog comments, you will already know!

She is none other than TatsHeaven, otherwise know as Sally, you may also know her as the little sister of Tatting and not a lot else.

She has been coming to Ireland every year recently and stays not much more that an hour away from where I live.

It wasn't Tuesday, so we had to make do with Tatting Tea Saturday....not that we did any tatting...too much talking to do! But we did eat some very delicious chocolate cake that I had chanced upon......It's always a relief when you find that a tatter really does eat chocolate!!

After a big...haven't seen you for such a long time...hug it was down to business!!

She had brought some of her tatting to show me...and even gave me a piece....very nice too.
It is a design that she is working on so I guess I better keep it under wraps...unless she says that I can show you. But it will go into my other tatters tatting collection!

She saw all my latest work and was very interested to see my dyeing studio and see what a long winded process it is. She thought that my HDT looked much brighter in the flesh and she thought that Fergeal the leprechaun was much smaller than he looks on the blog!.

He is quite a shy little chap really and was just sitting watching and minding his own business...for once!

My hubby and her hubby have a common interest in clocks and watches so they entertained themselves. Her hubby even performed a miracle on my favourite clock that had been deemed a right's still going!

Hubby was given the task of taking a 'decent' photo! One that we would both approve...and he did ok.

Here she is taking 'a gander' at my geckos..

...and laughing....she laughs a lot...

...let me tell you that TatsHeaven is a delight! and I hope to see her year. Well I had to say that didn't I or big sister might fly over on her broom stick and........!

Interesting comment she made about my postman was that she could really picture him walking the route. She tried to find us by sat nav having got lost last time (blaming MY instructions!!)

Only wimps need sat nav to find a tatter!! Our new sat nav actually has our road on it..even tho' it wont acknowledge it's existence!! Out last sat nav was under the impression that we had driven off the road into a field when it got within 5 miles of where we live. At least this one shows it...but who needs a sat nav, sure doesn't everyone know where we live!! But shhhhh! don'tell anyone else!


  1. Ah, so that's where my sis got to!!!! Great pictures. Did you keep any chocolate for me?

  2. Ah the instructions to your place -if you remember caused us on the first visit to enter a supermarket car park! Perhaps you ought to tell everyone about the elephant and the.....? on the dashboard of your car!!
    Great to see you and absolutely fascinated with the hand dyeing.
    But I'm not a VIT I'm the sister of a VIT ...... have to say that cos she is watching us!!! he he

  3. Sorry Jane I didn't have THAT much!!

    Hi Sally, you are a VIT to me!
    Ahaa! the pink elephant, you remember him!! yup will have to tell the post!

  4. It looks like the two of you had a very enjoyable time! If I ever get to Ireland again...

  5. How much VIT resembles her big sister. I'm happy to be seeing big sis at Tat day's but when are you guys coming over.

  6. It looks like you both had a great time, to VITs together, I'm jealous. .... I'm interested in the pink elephant story......

  7. We keep good company, don't we?

  8. That sounds like an absolutely delightful visit for both of you! I wish I could've been "a fly on the wall" for that visit! :)

    ~TattingChic ♥

  9. How wonderful you two are able to get together. I would have liked to join you too. Oh what fun it would be. Sally looks so much like Jane.

  10. Hi Diane, i will look forward to that meeting.
    Hi Connie, wouldn't we just love to come over. Haven't met big sis but little sis is great.

    Hi Bonnie hope you enjoyed the pink elephant story. VIT set me up for that!!

    Hi Gina, good company yup we do.

    Hi Chic, come be a fly on the wall anytime! You WERE here in spirit.

    Hi Carol, I look forward to that too. Someday we will all talk via webcams.


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