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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I won!

I don't enter a lot of giveaways...partly because I often feel that the prize should go to someone else! but often because I know that I am not going to win anyway,(ok sour grapes I know). There could be two names in a hat and mine would still be drawn last...that's the story of my life. Don't you wonder why some people always win and some never do? How can this be when the frequent winners are no where near the drawing.There really need to be serious research done!!

I have tried positive thinking, once I looked at my raffle ticket and pronounced that it would be the winner and blow me but it was!!..But that never worked again!

So imagine my surprise when I won Ladytat's giveaway. Even funnier was that I was No 13 to comment!

It was waiting for me when I got back from my Birthday trip...a lovely surprise to come home to....couldn't wait to open it.

It's a beautiful shuttle made of laminated wood...not sure which woods they are and comes in it's own sweet little box, with a screw driver, a dowel for winding and a hook's got a very neat small hook....but no instructions for a 'dummy'!

The wood calls for a much closer look.

Well now what better thing to tat with it than Ladytats very own design!
This is Meandering Path that she has designed in Sharon Brigg's Design Tat class. A great class that I too am taking...and have got way behind...but I have started Test Tatting....instructions are on her patterns blog.

Now I know it looks as if I tatted it using my new shuttle....but that's a bit of a cheat!!
Truth is I am still trying to learn how to use it...bobbin shuttles just don't come naturally to me....I will persevere and I will treasure it in my collection as an example of a silent tatter...
Thanks so much Ladytats for this giveaway.

Let's take a closer look at the motif. This was my second attempt...not that there was anything wrong with the just wasn't in a pretty colour. This is my hand dyed Raspberry Sorbet in size 30.

Now isn't that a pretty design? I would have liked to have tatted it in two colours but wanted to stay faithful to her original design without altering it.


  1. My goodness! I think that your finished piece is absolutely gorgeous! Given, I am a stranger to hand-tatted lace- but not a stranger to beautifully handcrafted textiles.

    I found your blog on
    and It's so interesting to see what different people from around the world are doing with sewing. Truly remarkable.

    I'm in school for art, and I work at my Mom's shop in Columbia, Missouri in the US. We're always looking for new ideas and projects to share with our customers- I'll be following you for sure!

  2. Beautiful motif and the colour of the thread is wonderful. Fox : )

  3. Congrats on your win. I have never used this kind of shuttle but I did try a bobbin shuttle once, but could not get the hand of it. I love to hear the clicks when I tat.

    This pattern is just lovely. I didn't notice the meandering path until later. I love it.

  4. very nice Pamela,
    your testing of my pattern looks very good. Don't worry about using different colors of different techniques to do your versions of any of my patterns. I do that all the time with other peoples patterns. The basic pattern still belongs to them, but the finished piece has my stamp on it.
    I am glad that you have received your shuttle.

  5. Pamela,
    You also won Umi & Tsuru's September giveaway, you lucky girl.

  6. Your winning shuttle is very nice and so is your tatting. Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations Pamela!!! WooHoo!! I'm happy you won. I have a couple of these shuttles and the GR8 shuttles too and they are my favorite to use. The motif is lovely in your Raspberry Sorbet!!

  8. Congratulations on winning such a lovely prize. I am very envious! The tatting is beautiful as well.

  9. Congratulations - its a lovely shuttle and in its own little box.
    You may be on to a winning streak now!
    Tatting also is beautiful in your lovely thread.

  10. Congratulations on your shuttle win! It's a beauty.

    Raspberry Sorbet really shows off Ladytats' Meandering Path design to perfection. Or is it the other way round? Now there's a "chicken-egg" conundrum if I ever saw one.

    They are made for each other -- both first rate and sublime!

    And sincere thanks for YOUR gift of a Bella Sinclair award. I'm honored and humbled.

  11. Hi Mallory, thanks for leaving a comment, hope you will be a regular visitor now, Thanks for introducing me to jenny's blog too.

    Hi Fox..thanks a bunch.

    Hi Umintsuru....I like the clicks too, i find it so hard to rewind thread onto a bobbin shuttle, it must be easy as so many people love 'em.
    the meandering path is lovely, reminds me a lot of Pumpkins on a vine that I am just tatting. A great idea.

    Hi Jeanne, I do like to keep the integrity of someones elses pattern.

    Hi HJ, yup I know, cool isn't it. I can't take all this winning (yes I can!).

    Hi Chic...ta!

    Hi Carol, you will have to come and give me lessons!

    Hi Tattycat,yup it is lovely.

    Hi you think i should go out and buy lottery tickets!!!! now that would be a first!

    Hi IsDihara, now that is a conundrum on which I wouldn't dare give my opinion.
    A well deserved award for you.


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