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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Overflowing with teapots!

teapots fell off my shuttles.
This is another favourite, it's very pretty.
Lilac tiny buttons,pink sparkly...anoth lilac sparkly would have looks better!
It does look a bit sickly sweet in the scan , much nicer in reality.
Threads are Raspberry Ripple with Vanilla and matching Ripple Pink and Parma Violet.
This one I think looks extra pretty  because I added some bling....some silver lined pale pink beads.
I scanned it the wrong way round by mistake so you get to see the back view.
Raspberry Ripple with Vanilla has become one of my favourite I had to dye some more to keep up my stocks. I even dyed matching Vanilla solids and an even lighter version. I find that it is essential for me to have matching solids especially when I work in anything thinner than 20. In 20 I will usually find something to match in my huge stash of Flora.

Spurred on by my addiction to next Teapot has transparent beads colour lined with white.

This one is very striking too in Flora 20 poppy red and white with tiny white buttons and a goirgeous metal button.
Another metal button for my final teapot....for now!
Another very different colour change.....

...a seascape, rather a rough sea this one, with dark blue tiny buttons, pitted metal button. the threads are my HDT in Coral reef and Wedding Teal with silver lined teal beads to add sparkle. White thread show the tips of the waves.
Martha is always delighted when I make her designs with my tat lassies and I usually send her photos of what they make.
They had never tatted with buttons before so it was a challenge, only two of them finished the teapot so far.
Jackie made two....

This very pretty Delft one dedicated to her homeland.....
....and one using green tiny buttons, from the selection that I gave them.
Marjorie tatted this lovely one in Lizbeth 20 with cream buttons.
There are more still to come in.
Remember my showing you my silver and crystal jewellery stand that I bought recently.
Well it has been turned into a Teapot Tree. can you see 3 different teapot designs...all by Martha Teapot Queen.

It usually stands in my hallway in front of a mirror so I see much more of the teapots all round....very hard to photograph.

One more different teapot to show you...but it isn't finished yet!


  1. You are amazing!
    ♥Fox : ))

  2. You had me at "teapot" with previous posts, but now I am so smitten I can't work on my own tatting to do list. All I want to do is tat teapots. Love the teapot tree!
    Each creation is breathtaking in the color combinations, buttons and beads.

    You've done it again! Well done, well done!

  3. Delightful! I'm brewing a pot now ... maybe will even attempt some tatting ; )

  4. Wow what can I say these are brilliant and I so love the colours that you have used!

  5. I love the way you go to town with a design! Seeing the same design in a variety of colors makes me want to break out my HDTs!

  6. That teapot tree is absolutely stunning! - All the colours are wonderful, but this time, my favourite it the first, with Rasperry Ripple.

  7. Your teapot tree is ADORABLE!!! The colors of thread and different buttons make this such a fun item to tat. And I love how you have them all displayed!!

  8. Your teapots are perfect, such a colorful array!

  9. Thanks everyone for your input into my tatting journey. Go tat teapots and let me see what colours you use.

  10. Wow, a whole tree of teapots! You are so amazing!

  11. WOW, you and your friends did a beautiful job. I've GOT to find some of those small buttons now. :-)

  12. Bonnie you can get the buttons on ebay easily.
    Gosh you all really did like the teapots. Thanks.


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