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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Time out!

Yeah..I know..I am always taking time out....but I do take my tatting!
Don't always do any tho'!
Some of you like my history here goes....another one.

Three years ago we decided...the house elf and I that since birthdays were no longer something to look forward to, maybe we should do something about it.
So twice a year we go off for a couple of days on a special hotel offer somewhere in Ireland.
There are great offers for 2 nights B&B and a dinner!

What could be nicer than to wake up on your birthday in a lovely place, eat an enormous breakfast, open your pressies, have a leisurely day being a tourist, getting to know a bit more about where you live and finish off with a gourmet meal.
We almost close our eyes and stick a pin in the them, but if we did that, we would probably say ...nah...let's not go THERE.

So this was his third birthday treat and we chose the east coast and the beautiful vale where St Kevin founded a monastic settlement in the 6th century.
Arriving there in the March chill,our Hotel was only a stones throw from the famous round tower.

Round Towers are characteristic of these early settlements.
The story that I always knew was that the monks would keep a look out at the top of the tower where there were windows facing North,South East and West.

They were watching for an attack by the Vikings and would give the alarm for the treasures of the monastery to be brought into the round tower and the ladder to be pulled inside,as the entrance was about 12 feet off the ground.

Lots of monks would also hide inside the tower.....not a very wise thing to do if the tower went up in flames.

This is what it would have been like inside the tower...
...and at the very top in the cone was a bell. (sorry about the reflection ion the glass).
It's now thought that the Round Towers were simply bell towers. The four windows at the top were so that the sound could travel in all directions.
The towers were very tall so that they could act as a guide to find your way home.
The cone on the top of this tower was rebuilt in 1875.
The monastic cathedral is in ruins.
You can just see the tower at the right edge of the photo.
A very small church is still standing.
This is what the settlement might have looked like.
See the little church on the bottom right.

St Kevin chose the most beautiful place to settle. There are two lakes fed by a small river.
This is the lower lake...
....but it was in the hillside surrounding the upper lake that Kevin built his cell.
Wow, what a view to wake up to.

There are such a lot of other touristy things to see in this area.....haven't been there for years....
and the beautiful town where the famous TV series was set.....did any of you watch it?
......and the Church from the same series.

You can see how glorious the weather was.
A super birthday was had by all...and the food really was very good.


  1. I love your blog!I have been following you for a while now,please visit my blog too!

  2. Howdy stranger! What an interesting post! Ballykissangel used to be shown on Public Television here and I've never watched a minute of it. Maybe I should expand my horizons a bit, eh?

  3. I really would like to get back to Ireland some day! I had a wonderful six weeks there the summer of 1974, and I've never felt more welcome!

  4. Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...
    "I really would like to get back to Ireland some day! I had a wonderful six weeks there the summer of 1974, and I've never felt more welcome!"

    I accidentally deleted this comment. Thanks Diane, glad you felt as welcome as we have always felt.

  5. Hi Dorota, Thanks for your kind words. I popped over to enjoy your blog too.

    Hi Steph, good to hear from you too.I imagined that Ballykissangel would be a big hit in the States

  6. I loved Ballykissangel! - not the last series, it always seemed that there was no point in continuing it after Assumpta had been electrocuted!
    Once again, a post which has introduced me to a slice of history I knew nothing about. So I will have to read more about it, I bought a book about the Vikings on Saturday - what a coincidence!

  7. You post such fantastic photos! Last time I was in Ireland was 4 years ago and I miss it...wonderful weather, wonderful people, and so much to see and do. Thanks for the mini-holiday I took when I saw your pictures. :)

  8. oooooh! Glendalough! I love it there and went on two different trips. Another place I dearly loved was Tara and I hope it's still there by the time I go again.

  9. Love these photos - they fire my imagination. What a wealth of history has been played out in this beautiful place.
    Fox : )

  10. Happy birthday. What a great idea for celebrating your birthday. Photos show such beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

  11. Hope we get back to Ireland this year, lovely seeing your pictures.

  12. Always enjoy your fabulous travelogues! So informative! Being part Irish I certainly appreciate the photos and the history lessons from your trips around the Emerald Isle - especially with St. Patrick's Day coming up! What a nice idea for birthday celebrations!

  13. I certainly recognised the village, I have a little weakness for ITV3 and they re-ran Ballykissangel about a year ago.
    I love your travel writing, thanks for sharing your trip away, (and happy birthday to whichever it was, :)

  14. Happy birthday and thanks for the marvelous peek into your lovely, historic island. Spectacular photos!

  15. I loved Ballykissangel! - not the last series, it always seemed that there was no point in continuing it after Assumpta had been electrocuted!puma pas cher

  16. Thanks everyone, it was worth writing then! Hope you enjoy the next posts.


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