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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Teapots are topping!

This last bout of enthusiasm came about after I received a beautiful Christmas gift from my dear friend Martha was her brand spanking new design.....Celtic Button Teapot.
I had to have this pattern!
Fortunately is was to be published in Tatting Times the tatting periodical of Karey Solomon.
It was a good job that I am a subscriber. You should be too....this is a stunner.
My trial attempt was in Flora 20 in my special trial colour of burgundy with fawn, as the fawn matched some tiny buttons that I had in my stash. A super set of earthy toned buttons.
It's an easy pattern to tat once you get the hang of joining into the buttons.
the only problem that I had was where to join the last round to the inner sections.
Martha says the first join can be to any chain in round 1......but she wrote the pattern for a 4 hole center button and with a 2 hole one and  IT DID MATTER....well if you want the holes in the button to be horizontal...and I Martha did for my gift.
So it was back to the drawing board to figure out exactly which chain I should join to. That done and I was away to buy more tiny buttons.....and even some really nice buttons for the center(s)!
I found that 4 hole buttons were hard to find.
Thought on this teapot were that I would prefer to get more definition with a dark outer round.
What do you think?
Baby pink tiny buttons(not my favourite...but I couldn't get buttons with a hurry!)
Center button is Mother of Pearl. Thread colours are from my ChocoRaspberry series....raspberry Sorbet and the darker Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse with a pale pink Flora 20 (I think)....oops no it's actually white!
This one has to be my just sings!
Tiny matt chocolate buttons from my stash and a pretty red 4 hole button.
the threads used are my HDT's  Flame Lantana and Chocolate Sauce. 
My teapots are all in size 20 so far.
Just to show that I don't always get it right.....
this round had only 7 rings instead of 8!
This one was an alternative center...for another time!
Which do you prefer???
I think it fair to ask you not to try to work out the pattern for this teapot from my pictures. 
This is not the aim of this blog.
Martha put a lot of effort into designing this and her rights should be respected. Do go to the source of the pattern yourself.
One last teapot for today then I really must go and drink some to revive myself!!
Something different with pretty lilac buttons  and a gorgeous sparkly lilac center button. You really can't see how pretty it is.
Threads are my HDT Sweetshop with matching Parma Violet from the Sweetshop collection and a toning Flora for the outer round.
I will be back soon with more colour variations in this pattern...yes I did rather get carried away.....and even more tatted by my tat lassies....who drool over and buy...everything design that Martha produces.


  1. All of your teapots are lovely! I am especially drawn to the lavender one. I think I prefer the center with the button. However, I've never tatted with buttons, despite having several of Karey's patterns! I've let my newsletter subscription lapse, so I don't have this pattern. I'm thinking it's time to renew!

  2. Thanks Diane, I can't honestly say that i am a fan of tatting with buttons but this one with the tiny buttons is so cute.

  3. OOHH, I love all your button teapots. I really like the lilac and purple one, but I also like the one with Flame Lantana and Chocolate Sauce, it reminds me of M&M's colors. YUMMY!!

  4. I am not a tea-pot person - probably because I am not wild about drinking the stuff!

    But these ... these are absolutely wonderful!

    Beautifully displayed in gorgeous colour combos. As usual! That fawn is particularly pretty.
    ♥ Fox : )

  5. I loved the very first one! - with the deep pink centre. It's the centres which are the focal point in this pattern.
    It's always so inspiring to see everything in so many different colours - I don't often tat the same thing twice!

  6. Hi Tatskool, The colours on the tatted teapot Martha gave you are really festive and cheerful. My fav would be the raspberry sorbet one with beads and light pink & MOP buttons. What a wonderful pattern by Martha and you did such a great job tatting them in the different colours.

  7. All of your teapots are splendid! Couldn't possibly choose between the gorgeous color combos, even if I wanted to. Have daffodils started blooming in the dells?

  8. Those are just the cutest teapots! The one in autumn colors looks like a chocolate candy corn.

  9. oh I love the lowermost pot.Your tatting is exceptional also.

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  11. So how does one subscribe to the newsletter? I tried an e-mail for Karey but it didn't seem to work.

    Love these!!!!!

  12. Thanks all,you know that your comments are my inspiration in this mad journey through life! I love to know which ones you like best, that is my eternal question to everyone when i have done more than one....funny isn't it?
    Tattin'Kat you should have no problem contacting Karey by email. Can't give you her email addy but if you contact me with yours i will let her know that you are interested.

  13. As always Martha did a great job in her designing. I don't know about finding those tiny buttons though. I like all of the teapots, but am drawn to your flame and chocolate one. I get the Tatting Times, I've got to go back and check it out :-)

  14. Bonnie I love the chocolate one too, especially as i am now almost banned from chocolate.

  15. "banned from chocolate" ... I hope that doesn't mean your not making chocolate sauce HDT any more.

  16. Bonnie, not banned from making just from eating too much!


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