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Friday, May 19, 2017

Blogging Again

Oh dear, I can see that another whole year has gone by since I wrote a blog post.
A whole lot of water has gone under the bridge.
A new hip.
A whole lot of tatting has been done
Plus so many other crafts.

The question is where do I start
A wise friend

So here goes.
I am addicted to Lace-Lovin Librarian's

She very kindly sent me her patterns and Tutorial.
Searching for Glass Globs/Gems/Pebbles where I live is almost impossible.
A few come into charity shops.
I have tried Candle shops,Flower shops,Aquarium shops to no avail.
So I have to use what I already have until my internet order arrives.

My First Ice Drop
The tutorial was great.


  1. Perfect! ...and it's in blue and white! I LOVE it!

  2. That is fabulous!!! :)
    Wondering if you are still dying thread.

    1. Thanks. Hope to get back to dyeing this year, still have a lot of thread of my favourite mixes. You can contact me thro my profile.

  3. Exciting to see you back! - but you need to start from "Then", and work up to the Now.......
    Try your local hardware and garden shops for Ice Drops, I found big bags at the end of the Potting Mix aisle where they sell decorative things to stick onto terracotta flowerpots.They use them as well for mosaic garden paths. That's what the friendly staff member told me. All colours except for red, I'm On a Mission to find some. Also the dollar shops have them in much smaller bags for - a dollar!

    1. If I started from Then I doubt if I would ever get to Now….too much stuff! Its too daunting, but I will go backwards. Hardware shops are a thing of the past. Nothing in garden centres or pet shops so far, or candle shops. have ordered a Kilo from The Glass Pebble Shop in UK, for my class and me. I think maybe there are going to be a lot of these!

  4. Lovely and now I am sure we will be seeing more, the addiction is in its baby steps, don't worry we are all here to help with this :) hugs from Carollyn's tatting blog :)

    1. Yes definitely this is the beginning. thanks for your interest and support. I need that. Please put me in your blog roll if you have one.

  5. Victats did leave me a lovely comment of "Awesome" but I deleted it by mistake. Thanks Vickie.


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