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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ice Drops are Little Wonders!

Yup they sure are!
This is the second variation by Lace-Lovin' Librarian.

A pretty white snowflake with a clear Turquoise Glass Glob.

My Hand Dyed Thread in a very slightly variegated pale turquoise blue/green.
With sparkly white colour lined beads.
The Glass Pebble is a gorgeous Turquoise blue green with an AB coating.
It look so pretty in real life.

I have tatted these two in the same colours as the previous variation to let the pattern stand out rather than being influenced by new colours.


  1. Beautiful! Blue and white is my favorite combination, but I find that I've enjoyed tatting these in almost any color. Do you find yourself imagining the next one as you're tatting?

  2. Every single Ice Drop you have tatted is gorgeous!!!! :)
    And I love all your threads and colors!!!! :)


  3. The Hand Dyed Thread in a very slightly variegated pale turquoise blue/green.ust gorgeous. My favorite..!


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