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Monday, May 22, 2017

Ice Drops getting to be stunning!

Lace- Lovin' Librarian
sent me a great selection of her designs for more complicated Ice Drops.
This was the first that I chose to make.
She gave them names but they are just the colours that she used…I think.

Turquoise clear Glass Glob
Turquoise beads
My hand dyed thread

AB coated Turquoise Glass Glob,
Turquoise beads,
White Coats Mercer thread size 20


  1. Wow, wow-these are both gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful! You are right. I am terrible at coming up with names, so the pattern names are based on the color of the glass gem and the thread color.

    1. Yup,That's why I didn't give them a name. Difficult I know especially when you intended just to make them yourself.

  3. I think they are lovely and I think they look like flowers too :)

  4. Thanks all for continuing to comment.


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