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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Number 16. Lions.

Martha's basic pattern for an animal sitting down, facing forward has sooooh many possiblities. The decorative join that makes the front legs is so effective and easy to do. Tatting doesn't get any more fun than this!
The tatted lion is yet another one from her book. I shall soon be running out of these animals. Trying to think how to tat a spotty leopard or cheetah!

So on to the lion, here he is with his huge fluffy mane.

Martha shows the lion with the mane left uncut too, so here is my curly maned lion.

I think I like the first one with the cut and untwisted picots. He looks at if he has been to the hairdresser to have his mane crimped!!
Here are the two together to show you the relative sizes.

The fluffy lion is made from Coats Aida 10 and is 6cm tall, the curly lion is made from Coats Madura Red Heart 20 and is 5cm tall. If that one didn't have a mane at all she would be like his lioness...mmmmm!!! Wonder which colour you like the best!
Couldn't find any other tatted lions. We saw loads of lions in the wildlife parks of East Africa but can't think of any funny lion stories...just as well really.


  1. Cute. I think I prefer the uncut manes. There again, perhaps I don't!!!! Aren't you 'animaled out' yet?

  2. I agree with Jane. Cute, uncut or cut! The uncut one would be great on Isaac's animal jacket! I think I really like the cut one best, but can't think how that would work on the jacket.

  3. I think the uncut would be better on a child's jacket, espec if it is going to be washed. Can't wait to see this jacket.
    Animaled out!!! not yet but am taking a 'snowflake' break.


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