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Friday, October 12, 2007

Number 17. Pigs might fly!!

Mmmmm!!! pigs are another one of those animals that conjure up images of 'cuteness' and I guess that's why Jane Eborall thought of them when she designed one in her series of chubby round Onion Ring animals. Here is her pattern for the tatted onion ring pig
This was my first venture into tatting onion rings and I soon realised that a bit of practice tatting basic onion rings would be a good idea.
A few rings and small motifs later I was ready and dived into the pattern with my shuttle loaded with variegated peachey coloured Flora 20.

I began to think that 'pigs might fly' referred to my ability to get a pattern right the first time, as this little fella is lacking his tusk!
Second time and he is complete.

This pattern has to be one of the most difficult things that I have tatted. The onion rings work out fine for the first three rounds getting progressively more difficult to pull up and the fourth ring is a ***!!!! But please don't let this put you off trying it as the result is well worth the pain!!
Third try in plain piggy pink Flora 20 and still having trouble getting that curly tail right.

Fourth try in a brighter pink Flora 10 and I think I have cracked it! tho that tail still isn't very curly.

Flora 20 pigs measure 4cm from rump to snout and Flora 10 5cm.

Now to make a flying pig which Jane also figures. Jane's pig is two dimensional with only one wing but having made his wing my dearly beloved asked where the other one was!! and that it would look much better with two wings. Well he did have a point and it was worth a try so I gave him a second wing. The pattern for this will be on Jane's sight soon if she likes it!!

Of course 3D animals are difficult to display so I decided to let him fly freely in a sparkly copper bracelet and he is hanging next to my computer.

I can still hear some sceptics out there saying that pigs can't fly. Well I was in Zurich last weekend and chanced to see a flying pig on a stall at the most fabulous flea market.

I know this has nothing to do with flying pigs but I also found shuttles at the flea market, four of them. I was so delighted as I have never seen an antique shuttle outside of ebay before. This one I bought is very narrow 1.3cm and only 6.5cm long.

With much tighter ends than I had first thought.

AND Sue Hanson you have now started me off collecting Lizard/Gecko brooches. I found that I had this little one already from I don't know where!!

Spotted this one also at the flea market and yes Sue it is curving the other way!!!


  1. LOVE the two winged flying pig. REALLY lovely in the bangle too. Oooooh, what a treat - can't wait for the pattern - hint, hint!!!

  2. I love the flying pig! You did a really nice job with the pattern and the second wing one is adorable.
    "When Pigs Fly" is one of my stock answers to kid-questions. If I made one I'd have to hide it!

  3. They are all very cute - wings or not! I just might have to make one for Isaac's jacket!

  4. I always knew pigs could fly and what a perfect example you have made.

  5. I love the pig! He looks so cute in the middle of the bangle!

  6. Hello, Pamela, I've tagged you, I hope you don't mind...rules over at my blog.


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