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Monday, October 22, 2007


I have been tagged by Snowy to share seven facts about myself.

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7 facts about me. I am sure I will think of more interesting ones as soon as I have posted this.

1. I love shopping, not often the clothes kind. Don't always need to buy anything, just like looking for a bargain.

2. I hate wearing a skirt, denims are my favourite attire. Do like a bit of 'bling' on my clothes espec' when my daughter comments that I 'can just about get away with it!!'

3. I am a collector of so many things, I think I am growing out of stamps, coins and phone cards and in to gecko brooches as well as shuttles and.......................all things gecko and chameleon, and all things tat.

4. I love 'stuffies' espec' bears. Long time favourites ones are Limey and Bluey, who were made by daughter and me for her 13th birthday. They have celebrated their 21st's and are still going strong. I used to make lots of soft toys and dolls.

5. Favourite alternative medicine treatment is acupuncture. Two and a half years of it finally brought me back from a severe neck problem caused I think by too much craft work(leather work) that had jammed my vertebrae together. Was asked if I had fallen off a horse head first into the ground!! Craft work should come with a health warning.

6. I am a Virgo and I hate it. The motto of Virgo should be 'Perfection is almost good enough!!' I am even a Yorkie Virgo....wonder if that makes it better or worse!!

7. I have lots of Bonsai trees, nothing very old and nothing very valuable. Mostly common or garden trees.
A garden is never big enough to have a lot of trees, this way I get lots to enjoy thro' the changing seasons. Maples are my favorite.

I tag Carol
and Sue

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