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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Make My Day

I have been tagged by Gina for a Make My Day Award..that certainly made my day!!

The rules are to "Name up to 10 people whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland." Beware! You may get the award several times! Let them know by posting a note on their blog so they can pass it on.

Gina says that she likes to follow my blog because I am someone she has met and I love to follow hers for the same reason.
So I have to ask myself what will make others want to read my blog, why do I write it and does anybody else read it.

Since I started this challenge blog in Jan 2007 I have had no idea if anyone else was reading it other than the few who leave a comment.

In getting my tatting website up and running, ( and incidentally I have just updated it to run better and have more features and more photos) I put a counter on it and was inspired to put a counter on this blog too.

Now instead of tatting I am spending my time checking my counter which has proved to be fascinating(I guess the novelty will eventually wear off!). In 5 days I have had over 130 visitors coming from all over the world. I am absolutely amazed.

They have come from all over the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, India, Chile, South Africa, Germany, Poland,, Bosnia & Hertezovina,Turkey, Italy, Hungary, Egypt, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, and of course UK.

So lots of people do look at it but why do I write it. Is it showing off for personal gratification? Definately not!

It seems to me that if this wonderful tatting community that the internet has spawned is to survive the we need to communicate with each other. We must share what we can do to encourage and inspire others, who will in turn encourage and inspire us to explore new ideas.

The final purpose of a blog is to entertain verbally and graphically and maybe Make Your Day, so that even if you never step outside your door you will feel that you have met and talked to so many friends each day and maybe will have learned something new.

All bloggers make my day but I have to choose my favorites..very hard there are way too many.
Tatting and not a lot else never fails to do all of the above desirable blog things.
Threads from a Tatting Goddess is packed with information, trivia and companionship.
25 motif challenge blog is the blog of all blogs, packed with the work of other wonderful bloggers. An awful lot of work goes into compiling this one but it's so well worth it.
Laura's Tatting Muse I love to read.
Iris Neibach, Martha's Tatting Blog, Tatman are all by such inspiring and talented people.
So isSharon's Tatted Lace wow, Yarnplayers tatting and threads, Jon's Thread escapades

I could go on and on but can only pick 10 but I do read many many more.

To finish this post I must show something to inspire etc you. Nothing new in tatting as my first job after 3 weeks of Christmas lazyness is to tat ginger cats as a good luck token for my SIL's neighbour who is having cancer treatment.

So I will show you some of my favorite Christmas gifts we received from our friend Kat from Biloxi, Mississippi.
Kat's house was destroyed by hurricane Katrina. She was/is an avid beader and had a huge collection of beads most of which she says is now in the hands of the mermaids.
What must it be like to lose everything I cannot imagine.

She painstaking recovered as many of her beads as she could from the mud and debris that engulfed her house. Every bead including the seed beads was meticulously washed and disinfected and it is these Katrina survivors that make up her Christmas gifts to us all this year(the others bookmarkers have already gone to their respective new homes). Very, very sentimental and much appreciated. They made my day!!

Thanks for visiting see you soon.


  1. Darn, that's twice I've been tagged!!! Better get my act together and do something about tat tomorrow!!

  2. Pamela, thanks for tagging me. I am glad you enjoy reading my blog. Diane tagged me also, and I told her I must opt out as I am miserable at inserting links into my blog posts. Also, like Sherry, there are too many from which to pick.
    Thank you again and please keep reading as I do yours!

  3. Isn't sitemeter fascinating? I only have the free version..but will say more about it on my blog anniversary.
    Another reason for a blog which you didn't mention is that it is a super record for what you have done. If you give most of it away, like so many of us do, there's not much to show for all that work. It also tells you when you learned a new technique or even made a new friend.
    :-)) Gina

  4. I have the free sitemeter too, it provides so much useful information.

    The blog is a great record but when it disappears off the bottom of the screen it goes out of mind too. Having a record is what the website is going to do eg. all the 25 animals from this challenge are there in a photo album all on the one page.
    A stunning record of design talent.

    If I give away I just have to make another to keep!

    Making new friends...yes that really is true.

  5. Thank you for including me in your list. It certainly made my day! I have 60 blogs, including yours, in my google reader. I check it at least once a day to read the latest blog entries. So it is certainly very difficult to pick only 10. Oh dear! I am not sure if I can do it.

  6. Isn't Google Reader great, everyblog reader should use it. I have 46 in mine and it's hard to keep up.

    Choosing 10 was very, very hard there were at least another 10 favorites. But it was nice to make 10 peoples day so go for it.

  7. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


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