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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Number 26. Polar Bear

Brrrrrrrrr!!! It's winter and although we very rarely get any snow to speak of, thoughts do turn to icy things.
Global warming too and melting icebergs all make me think of the fate of the polar bear.
Of course it might just have something to do with having just read Phillip Pullman's Northern Lights and seen the film of the book,The Golden Compass. Just adored the armoured bears and think I may have to call this one Padraig (pronounced Paurig) Byrnison since he is an Irish Polar bear! Now if someone would design an armoured bear for me........

Searching for a polar bear tatting pattern I found one by Mark Myers.
It was a bit tricky to follow because there was no diagram and the picture was rather small and indistinct so my first attempt was a learning experience.
Second attempt was in size 10 Coates Mercer Anchor (best thread ever)he is 9cm tail to nose and stands 6cm tall. I am very happy with this 'cool' fellow, thanks Mark.

Here he is against the pure blackness of the Arctic sky.

Better to show him in his daytime setting surveying his world. I only hope that we can all make enough changes in our lifestyles to secure the future of this beautiful environment and of our own.

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