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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tatting wedding hearts.

Jane Eborall has just posted about her pair of tatted hearts and a new variation that she has just made.

Jane kindly suggested her pattern when I was trying to come up with something to tat to give to every guest at my daughter's wedding in 2006. My daughter wanted to show off her mother's talents...who could say no to that!!!

Tatted my way through 260 hearts..that's 130 pairs. Well no, not quite true to be honest, Jane offered to help when the task became daunting which it did. I was so happy to receive an envelope full of little hearts and to see how different her tatting was from mine (much more relaxed compared to my tight little things).

Finally decided that would serve a double purpose with the guest's name on the back as a table place marker and a souvenir bookmark on the front. Slipped into plastic sleeves they will last forever.
Sad to say that both my husband and me left ours on our table while we were busy chatting and the staff cleared them away and they were never seen again. Good job I had made spares!

This photo did already get an airing at the time of the wedding on my other blog click on the wedding label and scroll down to Aug 10th 2006, but no harm to show them again now they are topical.

Jane also tagged me for a 'You Make My Day Award', I could list another 10 blogs that make my day but then that might leave more people thinking that theirs don't get read. So I had better leave well alone and get back to blog reading.

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