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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Looking back a week or two.

A friend who was on the lace weekend just sent me a couple of photos of me!
Now I hate photos of me ...but these were good soooh you get to see them!

This is a great photo of me spouting about the beauty and versatility of tatting to anyone who would listen! Some of my hand dyed thread can spot ChocoRaspberry in there. Some geckos from Jane Eboralls pattern and a circle of rainbow butterflies made long before Rainbow Bright, a shuttle brothers butterfly and more! We were told to take one item to talk about...and I took my Blue Lagoon Cornelia Doiley one of my best pieces, plus as many other things as I could that would show my tatting world.

The theme was butterflies so I had to wear my special Mother of pearl butterfly. necklace.

The second photo is of Jackie, Carmel and me(wearing my favourite colour..turquoise) at the distillery, testing the you do!

And the lady who sent me the photos said she was so impressed by my style and my colour that she may even have a go

Back to the present.. I am working like stink on ChocoRaspberry and we just discovered that we have a nest of baby Starlings in our roof. Last night there was such a racket..guess they had just hatched, that it sounded like bevy of possums!! impossible of course.

Mum has been busy all day taking insects and worms into them. I went up into my roof space but they were hidden...lots of straw and moss and twigs strewn everywhere tho.
Hubby insists on waiting until they leave before we block the hole.

The hole is at the top corner of the dormer window in my bedroom..right above my bed!!
Lets hope they sleep and don't wake too early.


  1. Look at all those beautiful "heart's desire" hearts strewn before you! Lovely!

    That is sweet that your hubby insists on waiting for the baby starlings to leave their nest before blocking up the hole. He sounds like he really cares about the animals. Hence, the field he has gone in, I'm sure.
    However, I'm sure it's not sweet for you when they are making a noisy racket!

  2. What a lovely display of tatting! I did recognize a color or two. By the way... I LOVE the Choco Raspberry. I bet you can't guess what I'm making! ; )

  3. Hi Chic, yup he is a sucker for baby anything. They shreaked their way thro' my TV programmes as I sit just the other side of the bedroom wall,but I think they have no gone to sleep as it's getting dark. I would love to have a video camera in there.

    Hi Diane, no I have NO idea what you are making!!!!! I am still in ChocoRaspberry heaven, I think I am on my 8th heart!

  4. But the birds will bring lice into the roof space, and they will invade your bedroom - we had a nest of magpies in the gutter once, and it caused a truly Shattering Event one morning when hordes and hordes of lice in a never-ending stream started pouring through the ventilation grille by the window. This was a feature of houses built in Sydney in the '50's, I don't think they are incorporated into new buildings!
    It was terrible, we had no choice but to remove the nest - the parents abandoned it, and the babies perished.

  5. Just imagine how much worse it would be if you blocked the hole now, and they were trapped in there forever!

  6. I love the picture of all that tatting. I never realised how big the geckos were until I saw that picture.
    My mom had a family of squirells in her mailbox. To get them out she sprayed water onto the mailbox. The squirell mom moved the babies the next day. We still give Mom a hard time about drowning baby squirells!

  7. I recognized some myself! Terrific display!

    Am eying my choco-rasberry with itchy fingers. Can't decide what to tat with it: it is soooo pretty!
    Fox : )

  8. You look great and what a lovely display of tatting you have there! Vicky is right, I too never realised how big the geckos were.

  9. Hi Maureen, I have long since learned that you can't argue with a Zoologist!! he loves all animals even lice!!!

    Hi Miranda, thanks for stopping by. Blocking them in would be horrible, he is going to have to crawl in and remove every piece of nest!

    Hi Vickie, nice to hear from you. the geckos are in size 20 and yup they are life size just like real geckos.

    Love your squirrel story, I need to tat a squirrel just waiting till I have dyed the right colour. That's what this dyeing mission was all dye animal colours and somehow I got sidetracked. Maybe a ChocoRaspberry squirrel would be nice!!

    Hi Fox, someday soon I must show all my hearts in one go.

    Hi Singtatter, thanks, tatting the same pattern in different colours can be really striking.

  10. Pamela, Lovely display of all your tatting and the Hearts Desire shows off your HDT so well.

    What fun to have the birds close to watch them grow.

    Have a great day!

  11. I think you and the hearts look stunning! I can tell you had a great time. Especially at the distillery? Hope the little birds are soon on their way.

  12. Yes I AND your hearts look lovely! What a fun time!


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