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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More fashion!!

I guess I should show you the other part of my wedding outfits! Not often I have this much choice especially with a matching handbag. When the jacket is dressed up with different tatting it will look quite different.

This is lovely with the jacket, a bit softer than the more formal plain skirt...that is gorgeous tho' with embroidery round the bottom to match the jacket. Worn with the patterned top and jacket it's very 'posh'!

Ok! nuff fashion.

I finished the tatting and have to sew it on, made the fascinator but to be honest it isn't one of my better attempts! I seemed to have a mental block.


  1. Lovely dress, and the outfit will be absolutely stunning with the tatted-trim jacket!

  2. Very pretty. I like it. You'll be the best dressed one there!

  3. Good shopping! The pieces mix and match perfectly. I have also changed my style recently, and now I look for plain colours to go with the prints I already have.

  4. I really enjoy seeing your outfits and how you add tatting to it. Looking forward to seeing the finish project! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Thanks everybody..I do so hate having to buy fancy outfits under pressure and I just have to be able to wear them again after the event.


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