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Monday, May 04, 2009

Back to earth....or in this case sea!

This is what I was tatting on the train and then untatting...not an easy task on a wobbly train with size 60 thread and a very new, very pointed sew mate shuttle. Split the thread and made a right mess of it. Ended up cutting off the ring and joining, a very rare occurrence.

I have been dying to tat with Coral Reef again so I have been dyeing!
Coral Reef is now back on my menu.

This one is in size 60 like my last one in Blue Lagoon. I like the delicacy of it.
This scan shows you the difference between the two threads.

The funny thing is that when I first got the idea to dye Coral Reef the result was somewhere between the two. My friends said to make it darker and My Coral reef was the result...much more like what I intended....but I liked the lighter as well so made my dyes paler and a little bit different and Blue Lagoon was born and I love that too.

Anyone who hasn't been reading my tatting blog for very long might like to take a look at the history of my Coral Reef thread here. A long post but one that I particularly like. The post about my Blue Lagoon doiley is here. It's one of my all time favorite tatted pieces.

Something new coming up soon as I have to get out of my rut!


  1. It looks lovely in your Blue Lagoon! I love your Blue Lagoon!!! It's gorgeous! :)

  2. Thanks Chic, I absolutely love doing the same designs in all my colours, that's a must from now on.
    I did so love the pastel colours, me!

  3. Both threads are gorgeous, but I'm partial to the Coral Reef. Nice and bold! I'm looking forward to whatever you cook up next.

  4. This is nice... I've always loved your Coral Reef and Blue Lagoon. Very beautiful and fresh they look.


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