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Monday, March 22, 2010

......and he is off!

Fergeal set off on his grand tour this afternoon, 
I guess his flight will be tomorrow. 
He has NO IDEA where he is going....but then neither have you!
Safe landing Fergeal!
Keep in touch....please...
I worry about you.


  1. That was a precipitous departure! He'd better send lots of postcards, is all I can say.

  2. Well I wish him a Happy Holiday and that he stays safe!

  3. Hi Miranda..well he got the opportunity for the flight so he had to take it.
    The opportunity of a life time must be taken during the lifetime of the opportunity!

    Hi Typs, thanks.

  4. I'm just wondering about the havoc that could be wreaked by an Unaccompanied Leprechaun on a flight.....did you have to sign him in?

  5. What an adventure! I hope he packed his wee suitcase and it stays with him through out his trip.


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