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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh My Gosh, Oh My Golly!!

Just before we went on our short holiday......the postman brought me a little turned out to be the surprise of my life!!

If you haven't seen the latest post on Lady ShuttleMaker's blog then you are missing a treat. Her skills never cease to amaze me. Now she is embedding tatting into her clay and making wonderful stuff....not just shuttles.

When I sent  Blathnaid the lady leprechaun to her for Christmas, I also sent her a few extra individual little I put on the leprechauns belts.....and commissioned her to make a shuttle for that is what she did!

Little did I know that she was going to begin adventures with precious metal clay and make me droll over the fabulous shuttles that she would produce.

So inside the little box I expected to find a ceramic shuttle with shamrocks...even tho she hadn't told me that it was ready.....but she had told me that Blathnaid was planning a surprise for St Patrick's day. I expected High Jinks and photos on the web.

Can you imagine my utter surprise to open the box and find that she had sent me a gift of a shuttle, but no ordinary shuttle was was a silver shuttle.....and no ordinary silver shuttle (if there is such a thing!)....but a silver shuttle with the impression of my very own tatting!

Now how cool is that!!

Here is Blathnaid holding MY shuttle. She looks pretty pleased but not as pleased as I was to receive it.

No that's not tarnish, just the way the light was catching it.
It's unbelievable how you can see all the detail of my tatting.
Wow this is indeed a treasure.
Thank you so much my dear friend.


  1. That is so exciting - to have your own shamrock forever in the silver - I'm lost for words! Enjoy your surprise!

  2. How gorgeous! I would be so completely blown away by such a gift, I'd burst into tears. What a sweet friend LadyShuttleMaker is!

  3. What a wonderful gift I am jealous LOL, enjoy your new shuttle we shall be awaiting your next tatting project!!!!

  4. That is very, VERY cool, indeed! The detail is amazing!
    :) Ann

  5. it's indeed a precious and awesome shuttle by sherry! i love it!

  6. A treasure indeed! Super cool!

  7. What a lovely gift, and the detail of the stitches is amazing. I love my little silver shuttle, too. But your's is Egg-stra special for the season….I'm happy for you!
    x bj

  8. This is a very special gift indeed! Sherry must think very highly of you to send you such a very special gift! What lovely little impressions of your own tatting! It's beautiful! WOW!
    That's a sweet photo, too!

    Thank you for coming over to celebrate my blogoversary with me! I really appreciate it! It means a lot!

    I have missed a lot on your blog! I have also missed you, too!

    (((Hugs))) to you! Your blogging friendship means a lot to me!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  9. What a lovely treasure. The shuttle is so pretty and the tatting you did is just the right size for the shuttle.

  10. That is so cool! I love it! you are a very lucky lady (must be because of all the leps!)

  11. I love your silver shuttle and I love how you can see the tatted stitches. What a lucky person you are...but a generous person like you deserves to own a silver shuttle that was made for you by Sherry. Beautiful...beautiful. I also love your new dyed thread. I can't buy anything right now not even thread. But I can drool looking at your pictures and imagine having the thread in my very own hands or owning a silver shuttle that has the imprint of tatting right in the design. One big sigh here.

  12. Gosh oh golly thanks everyone, I know how lucky i am to have such a great friend. I have been wearing the shuttle a a pendant, It will surely be noticed by everyone.


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