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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feargal drops a bombshell!


First things first tho'.
I know you are dying to know which of the ladies  got the job.
Maureen was the only one to take a guess...and she was right!!
It WAS the lady in Red... I had a hunch it would either be her or one of the ladies in Green, knowing his penchant for those colours.
Here he is offering her the job...
Of course the first thing we all want to know is...why did he pick her...was it for..
her typing skills,
proficiency at shorthand,
or even her neat handwriting??

NOPE none of these.
Apparently it was her ability to sit in his chair, get her feet under his desk and be able to work at his desk!! 
He reckoned some of those skirts and petticoats were so stiff that the ladies could never sit down...let alone work!

Apparently he asked her what he name was and she replied that she didn't have a shucks how awful! so he decided to call, her sweet...or is it!!

Now you want to know what the job do I,
making lists to start with he says....
......he showed her what he wanted her to do.

But her book looks awfully empty to me....
Nothing to write in it yet!!
So her gave her a tea break...and it wasn't even Tuesday!!
and with cake too!!
He doesn't bake cakes for me!
So what is the list???
We need to know Feargal.

Ok so he breaks down....
.......he has been feeling awfully lonely because every time he gets some more siblings or cousins they emmigrate....typical Irish!
That's why he wanted to keep Tadgh as his apprentice (just an excuse)!
But wouldn't you think that now he has Tadgh and Nollaig that he would be contented....
but nope they have jsut given him an excuse. He says that he wouldn't be leaving me on my own..with no help!
I feel like! what help! but he is getting a bit weepy and he knows that he can twist me

Here is the bombshell..
He has decided to go on a world tour...a grand tour to visit as many of his cousins/siblings whose mums will give him a bed for a week....take him out and show him the sights...and he says...give him a good time.

He wants to travel while he is still young......
(he wants to see Blathnaid again!!)

I warned him of the dangers of travel...he is going by air..can't take a long voyage!
He says that he will take the risk! Fingers will be crossed...for a long time.
So he wants names to go on his list, but he isn't going to plan an itinerary he that he will never know where is is going to be landing next.
He needs Scarlett to manage things and tick off where he has been and has still to go to.

Sorry but he is restricting this tour to visit only other leprechauns....I know so many of you would like to be his host. Maybe next time.
Wow! how long will it take???

For St Patrick's Day, he gave me this...forgot to show you/forgot to wear it!
Can you read it????
How true it is!
So get in those names ASAP.
He says that he intended to leave on January the first, but it was toooo cold! so he postponed to St Patrick's he is determined to leave before International Tatting Day...


  1. How exciting! - I hope he'll send you postcards along the way. I suppose his new assistant has to earn her stripes, and won't be allowed to drink her tea from the tatted teaset until she has filled his book with lists of places to be marked off!

  2. Yes Maureen, I hope he will send back lots of postcards, photos and maybe collect some souvenirs on the way...and maybe even some tatting(oops shouldn't have said that!)
    He is so excited that he is sitting in the box already.

  3. Fergeal's World Tour will be the talk of all his cousins! I just told Ciarrán and he says he'll teach Fergeal to ride camels!

  4. OMG the first name to go into the book. Now he is even more excited. A camel, whatever next!

  5. If Fergeal wants to come to Atlanta, I'll make sure he gets to see the Atlanta skyline....

  6. I think Cormac would adore a visit! He's kind of lonely since I restricted him to my craft room after his close call with the Cat Squad.

  7. Danny would love a visit too, though Fergal may find it a bit boring here....

  8. Whoo hoo! Cormac and Danny go on the list, boring, exciting do you think it is here!!

    Crazy mom I know you would love to have him, and he would no doubt love to see you....but at the moment it may not be possible....we'll see!

  9. Dr. Vonthreadmore was going to offer him a bed but it seems we are not going to make it on the list this year!

  10. Aw shucks the good Doctor is too kind.
    We didn't realise he would be so much in demand. We will have to see how his itinerary works out.

    He is only a little chap and I am sure there is only so much visiting relatives that he can take without having to ask him to stay with total strangers!!

    I did hear him asking Scarlett to start a secondary list.

  11. I know that Fergeal would be welcome to come and visit me in sunny Queensland. Anyway I hope that his trip will be exciting and fun for him!!!!!

  12. I liked the selection criteria, it is so quaint.... Is Scarlett going on the world trip with Fergal?

  13. Oh my yes, he was up to something wasn't he.
    I'm sure that Tadgh and Nollaig will keep you busy at home. And Scarlett will be a big help to Fergeal to keep him on track as he tavels the world.

  14. HI Typs, I know he would love would I.
    Hi Tattips.....mmm I don't think so...alone in a box ...the two of them on a long flight!!
    She has to manage things this end.
    Hi Bonnie..yup they/we make a great team.Life is never boring.

  15. Oh, Donnacha is pouting. He just 'knows' that Fergal would not come all the way to New Mexico. Don said "I could take him to see the Kneeling Nun and the City of Rocks and, and….And, we would even have a room of our very own…I hope he comes to visit ME….AND MY Mum will take such good care of him and see him on his way….First class all the way!
    Donnacha and BJ

  16. Oh, I do hope Feargal can make it to the east coast of the U.S.
    His cousin Finian (whom I believe to be of the O'Connor Clan) now resides in Atlantic City NJ. Finian would like him to to visit his Uncle Patrick Sean, and if he has the permission of Tatskool and is 21 years of age ( it's so hard to tell with a Leprechaun, they could be 1 or 100) Finian would like to go with Feargal to test the luck of the Irish in one if our famous casinos. Or a tiny bit of sunshine and ocean air on our beaches and a stroll on the boardwalk might be just the thing
    Most of all we'd both like to take him to see a 5 story elephant that was once a hotel. We can't wait to hear if we are on the list.
    Welcome to Scarlett.

  17. Fergal could come and visit me in NY i would take good care of him and take hime to see allkinds of things we have here

  18. Suneeti said,
    Finnbarr would be honoured to have a visit from Feargal.

    Carol L said,

    How did I miss this post?? Scarlet is perfectly wonderful and will be a great list maker. William would be happy have Fergal come visit him in Pennsylvania!! He would enjoy a visit in the country. William wants to know if he is bringing his beautiful list maker...Scarlet... with him?????

    Battatter said,

    Fergeal...come on over!! You have two cousins waiting impatiently for your visit!! It is starting to warm up a little here, so you should have some fun!

    Lady Shuttlemaker wrote,

    Fergeal will receive only the warmest of welcomes if he makes it our way! Blathnaid will be so happy to see him again!

  19. Ooops Finnbar just complained that I didn't publish his comment just as he wrote Irish...smarty pants Irish speaker!!

    An Chara,
    Is féidir le do thoil Feargal teacht agus cuairt a thabhairt dom?

    Is mise, Finnbarr

    (please can Feargal come and visit me?)


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