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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Another great lace trip!

Interrupting the Easter Egg saga on this blog to bring you........
Last week I had the pleasure to go along to Dingle in Co Kerry with my Lace Guild to take part in a 'working exhibition'!
This was the Festival
Representatives of all the Celtic nations were there...from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall and The Isle Of Man.
During the week there was singing and dancing in the streets...not that we saw much of this...we were there to work!
Click on the photo to get a better view of the programme for the days we were there.

We settled in for the day in this beautiful venue do go and have a look especially if you are interested in stained glass windows.
During the morning a TV crew were there to film part of a programme featuring us.
Then in the afternoon it was open to the public to come and look at us and ask questions. There was a talk on Kenmare lace and the showing of an old TV can read about it in the photo above.

The room we were in was dedicated to Nano Nagle founder of the Presentation Sisters and was beautifully decorated with murals. You can see that on the website too.
Wowee....watched the TV programme last wed and I was actually on it.
Just  had to photograph the TV screen and also make a movie of it with my camera.

You will know which is me as I was the only one tatting!
We have quite a lot of interested members of the public asking questions.
One guy made me laugh
"I think you must be a rebel!" he said
"Because you are the only one using colour!
How true, I really am not traditional enough for the group!
This is my work area.
We had to take something to show and something we were working on. Sorry that I can show you what the others took or them at work.
You can see the easter egg that I was working on and also some bookmarks that I made....will show them another time.
I did have white tatting too...Marilee's Arches doiley.
You can also see my pieces of unfinished Carrickmacross lace, my favourite lace after tatting.
It was the day of the Royal Wedding and we were delighted to see the beautiful lace dress that she wore.
It made our day.
There was a craft sale going on outside with all sorts of lovely things including hand made furniture...all made locally.
That evening there was a parade, the Irish contingent were well represented by some young leprechauns!
Tatters keep asking about the whereabouts of Feargal, I honestly don't know!
Maybe he was here before me.....sign spotted in a local shop!
Lots of local fish was eaten and some handmade Ice Cream.
On our way home we stopped to look at the s bronze statue of Tom Crean the famous antarctic explorer.
Behind him you can just see the famous Inn (with the blue chimney).
A stay at a friend's holiday house by the sea and some garden centers and a few more seedling maples to make in to bonsai and it was a lovely weekend.


  1. Wow, I wish I could have been there!

  2. OOO I'm so jealous! looks like great fun.

    I've been loving seeing your eggs - so perfect.

    More pictures of your travels please!

  3. Rushing out to my babysitting-day - I will come back tonight and take my time reading everything in the pictures!


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