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Friday, May 06, 2011

Easter Eggstravaganza 10!

Tatted Easter Eggs by Kirsten Wind Hansen
Number 10 looked STUNNING
but is it easy to tat?
This was my first time tatting with 2 shuttles and 2 balls.
The big problem was the ball threads getting tangled.
This needed a little help from some transparent tape sent to me by Tatting Goddess a few years ago, wind a piece round the ball and it sticks to itself and can be removed easily. I have no idea what it is called or where to get more.
It also needed a great deal of organisation to switch from one colour to the next placing the shuttle and ball out of the way......and a great deal of concentration at first to make sure that the chains lay on top of each other in the correct order. I got this wrong in the very first chain but think it's a great feature to make a specific top to the egg motif!!

The rings are joined through each other and by the time I got to the last two sets of rings to join I was stumped as to how to do this....I untatted these rings at least 4 times and then put the motif to one side in frustration.....was going to ask for your advice!
But last night I saw a comment that Barbara Gordon of Barbara's 25 motif challenge had left for me on my Egg No 1 post, saying that she was also tatting all the Easter Eggs in the book.
So I zoomed over to her blog and low and behold there were joys galore. If you like my egss then you will love hers too. She has got further than me and finished 15 already.
Thank you Barbara for your inspiration to keep going.

Thank you also for giving the answer to my problem. You have to tat both rings at the same time....not easy....going backwards and forwards to each ring to tat a bit more and get the joins interwoven thro' each ring.
I can assure you that it's every bit as difficult as it sounds.
But the result is stupendous.
can you see the error at the very top......makes a great hanger!
I can see this egg in many different colourways ....will i be doing it Barbara not anytime soon!!


  1. I've done a couple of patterns where I had to work with multiple pairs of thread. There are a couple of tricks to it. First, it's easier to set the balls on a table instead of on your lap. Then when you switch colors, you also have to switch the positions of the balls on the table. Always move them in the same way (I think it's always right over left, but I would have to try it to be sure) and they won't get tangled. Or they get less tangled, anyway. These designs are always harder to tat than they look.

    It occurs to me that all these eggs with nothing in the centers could make nice frames for very small photos-- probably just a face.

  2. Very nice! It looks perfect. The tape is called Hugo's Amazing Tape and you can get it in clear and purple in a few different widths. I love it!
    I first bought it from a tat day vendor several years ago.

  3. I don't think I could possibly have deciphered all of that from the pattern! Wow.
    This is a wonderful tatting journey we've all been enjoying.

  4. Have been wanting to tat this egg since I bought the book, but couldn't figure it out from the diagram. You have opened my eyes and made my fingers itch to give it a try!

    Your egg looks perfect to me. Just splendid!

  5. Thanks for all the comments you made about my Easter eggs. It took me two times to finish this one, but after I had the last two eggs connected, I knew the problem. Taking apart for me is getting pretty easy! I see where you have already done the one that I am trying to figure out now...will go and leave a note there next....Happy tatting as they say...and it's true!

  6. I love ALL your Easter eggs and this one looks yummy enough to eat!

  7. Hi Miranda, I do organize myself in a similar way, just not sitting at a table as I am watching TV...its a wonder I actually get anything right when I am multitasking like this!
    Thanks Gina I managed to order some on ebay from UK, very cool!
    Thanks Maureen,Isdihara and lady Shuttlemaker for continuing to keep me going with your comments.
    Thanks Barbara, we are learning together, isn't blogging great.

  8. They would make great picture frames i do agree.


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