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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Easter Eggstravaganza 14!

Tatted Easter Eggs by Kirsten Wind Hansen
 Easter Egg number 14 had a new challenge hidden up it's sleeve...
....Roll Tatting.....
something that I have never tried before.
Of course i went straight away to Google to see what I could find out about this technique.
I found instructions from Jennifer Williams and Jane Eborall and a very recent blog post by Jon entitled
Rolling! Rolling! Rolling off the Shuttle
followed by an even more interesting post 
she points to a video by 
It was well worth a look but i did find her method rather overcomplicated. 
So Off i went armed with this knowledge and of course Kirsten's explanation in her book.
it was really easy..once I held on tight to the roll stitches that I had made. 
Karen's video was great for showing how quickly they can unroll!
Time now for some fun!
I tatted the inner chain in My Daffodil Green  and the rings in my  Just Daffodils HDT.
 It looks so pretty, one of my favourite colour combinations.
This one was tatted in Coats Mercer size 30.
Here is a size comparison...
 Here is a close up of my roll tatting
I am dying to try it on something else now, Jon's idea of Kersti's  Stumpy sounds great. 
I have made that before.
The Mary Konior Lupins look great too. 


  1. The Daffodil egg is very "Easter-y" - love the colours.
    I've never tried Roll tatting, it looks a bit too fiddly for me!
    Recently, though, I learned that clunies can always be replaced by ordinary split rings in a pattern, and so I suppose a chain could substitute for a Roll Tatting section.
    I am admiring your patience and doggedness in working through this whole little book - there's a lot in it, isn't there> - which isn't immediately apparent when you first flick through .

  2. Your roll tatting is very neat and pretty!

  3. Eggstravaganza #14 is a marvel! I learned roll tatting from Wally Sosa. (She is patient and good-humored when faced with left-handed frustration.) Your rolls look impeccable just like the rest of your stitches. Bellissima!

  4. Maureen Roll tatting really is very easy, just make sure to hold it in your pinch so it doesn't unroll.
    Just try it on a 4-8-4 ring replacing the middle 8 stitches with 1 ds then 16 rolls the 1 ds.
    You can also do roll tatting in chains and it lets you bend the resulting chain in any direction you want. It just a technique to give a different texture.

    Tattips and Isdihara you are making my head swell!


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