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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Encouraged by my fellow tatters...I have now finished another past of TAT Artisan...well I will have when I have tatted it just once more!
A project which seemed so hard 5 years ago.....was really a doddle (almost)! Helped considerably by Jane Ebs publication of Marie Smith's' Fast and Easy Split Chain'.  If you haven't tried this then you really should.  The only problem that I have with it is the stitches are made...1st half, 2nd half......but I had 2 split chains to make and one was on the front side the other on the back side. Anyone got a way to make the stitches 2nd half, first half?????

The instructions say that the second half of the split chain should look as good as the first. There is just a tad of improvement needed here. I couldn't have done this 5 years ago! So do give it a go!

There is another tatter out there who has admitted to having her TAT Apprentice pack since I just have to challenge her to do it along with me!

I am doing Jane's TIAS, here is my latest scan.
OK so I gotta show SOME tatting!!

Looks to me like a jet propelled squid, and a very determined one at that. If only the eye had gone in that central ring!

Next post is going to be somethig tottally tatting unrelated...well I might manage to squeeze just a little in....and I do need your help!


  1. Hmmm, do let us know what you figure out on that split chain so you can tell me what to do when I get that far in TAT!

  2. Your split chain looks perfect to me! I'm finishing up Artisian now. Well...soon. :-)

  3. I've been enjoying seeing everyone's pictures of the TIAS - I have no idea what it could be! I still haven't learned to love split chains, maybe I should sit down with Linda's video and learn!

  4. I am so glad you are finishing the T.A.T. Enjoy every minute of it. I honestly think the Artisan phase is the hardest of the three but it is one of the most fun too!

  5. I agree with Gina, your split chain looks "practically perfect in every way" -- Mary Poppins would be proud.

    Could there be new HDT on the horizon? I thought I saw a peek of something flowery on Fox's blog. Ooh, just thinking about new HDT gives me goose bumps!

    As for T.I.A.S., DH thinks the squidy head reminds him of a pineapple. I think it looks like a ukulele or an ice cream cone or maybe an animal head? I'm sure those guesses will seem ridiculous once the secret has been revealed.

    Sorry to be so long-winded. Keep up the great tatting work!

  6. Hmm Krsytle well I did finish the split chain, wrong side but I had to unwind my shuttle to make the last half stitch!!
    Hi soon??????I did manage a better split chain!
    Hi Maureen, Linda's video is brilliant, it made me relax enough to try Marie Smith's way which is WONDERFUL!

  7. Thanks LSM, I am not sure one enjoys T.A.T. except to breath a sigh of relief when each project is on second thought i must be enjoying the challenge.
    IsDihara if you look at the top pf the brown ring there is a sneaky little thread that doesn't sit right. Mary Poppins should be proud of my final attempt.
    New HDT.....nope, just a mistaken label!
    I haven't asked the house elf about the TIAS yet until there is enough for him to make a guess, if it's an animal he will spot it!


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