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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ooops! there is just one more!!

24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn

I think that I may have misled you in my last post........there is just one more snowflake from this book that I tatted over Christmas.

It's The Eighteenth Day of December.
This design is made of rings and split rings only and was easy to long as you stay awake!

Tatted in Lizbeth 20  Red Secret Santa gift from measures 10cm.
Thread amounts
Sh1 7.75m     Sh2 5.35m

This really is the end of the line for this challenge ...for this year at least. I am not really disappointed that i didn't get all 24 done. 18 out of 24 ain't bad.

I really have to move on to other things.  I looked thro' my TAT Apprentice folder and was horrified to find that I got my Certificate in July 2005......and I thought it had only been a couple of years.  I certainly am much more capable of completing what looked like very difficult projects in they just look difficult!!

I finished my 3rd one last night...only 9 more to go.....should I pick an easy one next or go for broke!

You will still be hearing from me as I still  have lots of things to show you.

Weather report from Tatskool-land
Within a period of only a little over a month we have had (NB I have had only the 'lite' version of most of these!!)  extreme flooding, extreme freezing temps, extreme snow, torrential rain, gales, freezing fog, power lines down, burst pipes causing reservoirs to run low, lack of water, lack of grit/salt for the roads.......some of this is still going on causing great hardship to farmers and livestock in particular in remote has all caused extreme damage to the roads.....the main road out of our hamlet has been closed for a week, we think to 'fix' a stream which has decided to be a permanent fixture across the road!!  All of this is extreme and unexpected to us..........but here after more heavy rain last night and they say we need a whole lot more to fill the reservoirs........the sun is shining and the sky is blue!
Long may it last.

My dye studio is running with water that must have got in under the door with the force of the rain.
Oh Well!!
Will have to create some new appropriately named dye mix!!


  1. How many snowflakes in all does this make? I hope your weather starts to behave itself...there is no need for flooding studios. I LOVE extreme weather and natural "disasters", once I was in 6.8 magnitude earthquake and thought I was going to was awesome!

  2. Jeepers girl!no wonder you are a snowboarding champ!

    Do you mean you want me to count how many actual snowflakes i made from that would be amazed!!

  3. LOL! Yes, things are so much easier to tat when you're awake, I have to agree! LOL!
    Lovely work, yet again! Why am I not surprised at that??? LOL!

  4. Wow - 18! You are an amazingly prolific tatter!

    BTW, What kind of glue do you use to paste motifs on cards? I am curious...
    Fox : )

  5. Thanks Fox, I use a hi-tack very sticky glue (prob PVA) and put it on either with a pin or a cocktail stick.This one, but buy it locally.

  6. I have really enjoyed seeing the snowflakes you have tatted. I was thrilled to find the book yesterday in a local sewing store so I bought it. Good luck with your TAT program =)

  7. Your latest snowflake is so beautiful -- as have been they all! So neat and even and a pleasure for the eyes.

    Don't feel bad about your T.A.T. I purchased the apprentice program in 2005 and haven't started on it yet! OY! I need to buckle down and get the lead out -- LOL!

    Sending you warm, sunny wishes for continued good weather.

  8. Love the colour of the latest snowflake and you have done 18 more than me!!! LOL

  9. You are just two snowflakes short of "my" snowflake; the 20th!. Next year, you will have to finish the rest of them for us!
    Havind just a "little bit" of weather is quite manageable, in QLD it's never just "a little" sunny/rainy/windy - everything comes upon us with great enthusiasm here.


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